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Trump will lend American exceptionalism to North Korea, if they Denuke-Why it will work



Sunday, Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State was on CBS Face the Nation discussing  conversations he has had with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un.  Pompeo talked about what he believes the US shares in common with North Korea; the spirit of small business.

The following is a snippet of a longer interview, where Pompeo discusses what leverage the US has to force Jong-Un to denuclearize, a demand President Donald J. Trump  has made and continues to support:

SECRETARY POMPEO: What Chairman Kim will get from America is our finest – our entrepreneurs, our risk-takers, our capital providers, not our taxpayers. They’ll get people who —

FACE THE NATION: Private capital?

SECRETARY POMPEO: They will get private capital that comes in. North Korea is desperately in need of energy support, electricity for their people. They are – they’re in great need of agricultural equipment and technology, the finest from the Midwest that I come from. We can deliver that. And as I said earlier this week, we can create conditions for real economic prosperity for the North Korean people that will rival that of the South, and that is our expectation. It won’t be U.S. taxpayers. It will be American know-how, knowledge, entrepreneurs, and risk-takers working alongside the North Korean people to create a robust economy for their people, too.

Full transcript Here

Watch Interview Here:


According to  THIS article, “North Korea’s pseudo-Stalinist government allows a Singapore-based nonprofit called Choson Exchange to run business and entrepreneurship classes in the country, with foreigners teaching North Koreans how to run Western-style enterprises. In fact, these weeklong programs have been held a few times per year for the better part of a decade,” wrote Quartz at Work.

“They have aspirations that we can relate to,” Choson Spokesman said of North Korea.

“Choson Exchange was founded in 2010 by Geoffrey See, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and of Yale, who lives in his native Singapore. Since then, it has led some 1,600 locals in business workshops”, according to the NewssSite.


According to THIS article, discussing Market reforms in North Korea, foreign investment has long been a goal of Jong-Un’s.

“Contrary to the widespread view of the DPRK as a sealed-off country with a closed, inward-oriented economy, North Korea has historically based its economic development strategies on the constant need to maintain ties with foreign countries to generate revenues from exports and bring in foreign technologies.

Although the word reform still constitutes a taboo for North Korean officials, policies aimed at further opening the economy of the DPRK were Pyongyang’s favored option to put the country back on track after the famine of the 1990’s,” said NKNews.


Kim Jong Un, although apparently a hard-liner when it comes to the North Korea’s nuclear development, has also in parallel championed the development of the economy through more active cooperation with foreign countries.

Special Economic Zones, partly modeled after China’s, have proliferated to every single province of the country, are increasingly specialized in certain sectors, and have seen their number rise from four in 2011 to no less than 26 (including Kaesong) in 2017,” reported NKNews.


Trump and Jong-Un will meet in Singapore June 12. Jong-un, who is still viewed cautiously by the Trump administration,  has offered a number of goodwill gestures to please Trump prior to their meeting, including releasing hostages and offering a denuclearization ceremony.





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Zerohedge Reports: Amid Elon Musk’s darkest hour in late March – as his stocks and bonds tumbled in price – it seems there was at least one other billionaire willing to buy the ‘blood on the street’.

According to the latest 13Fs, George Soros’ investment firm took a $35 million stake in Tesla’s convertible bonds during the first three months of the year.

As a reminder, convertibles are hybrid securities, either bonds or preferred stock, that can be exchanged for a predetermined number of common shares. That effectively lets an investor participate in stock-price changes, but with the yield and greater security of a fixed-income instrument.

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“Racial Bias Education Day” To Close Down Starbucks Nationwide



Starbucks is going to the illogical extreme by taking an entire day to put their employees through what they call “Racial Bias Education Day”. Coming after a viral videos showed two men being arrested in a Starbucks in Philadelphia. Starbucks almost instantly gave into calls to do ‘something’ but will this really fix anything in a culture where ‘racism’ is more of a political talking point than an actual substantive conversation or debate.

CNBC Reports: Starbucks said Tuesday it will be closing all of its company-owned restaurants in the U.S. during the afternoon of May 29 to conduct a racial-bias education program.

“I’ve spent the last few days in Philadelphia with my leadership team listening to the community, learning what we did wrong and the steps we need to take to fix it,” Kevin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks, said in a statement Tuesday. “While this is not limited to Starbucks, we’re committed to being a part of the solution. Closing our stores for racial bias training is just one step in a journey that requires dedication from every level of our company and partnerships in our local communities.”

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Last Hope of Tim Hotham: Letter to President Trump, Exclusive



Sunday, A man whose brother was indicted in Maine for money laundering, two months after he disappeared 25 years ago-  talked to Populist Wire about his letter to President  Donald J. Trump, asking for Justice he knew would not come from the past Presidents.

Rod Hotham vanished Sept. 16, 1992, just hours before he was to meet with the state attorney general to present what he said was evidence of white-collar crime that allegedly involved politicians and prominent members of the state’s business community.

“As soon as President Trump removed his hand from the Bible on Jan 20th, and was sworn in as our President, I sent this letter. I believe that President Trump is my last chance to get justice,” he said

Tim Hotham believes that Trump will understand the cabal of corruption he says his brother was dealing with, which makes him feel confident that President Trump will consider helping him.


Friday, January 20, 2017

Justice for Rod Hotham 


For nearly 25 years I have been trying to find justice for my missing brother. He was set up, demonized and destroyed by a deep state network that exists in our country. He was eliminated because he became aware of high-level corruption within our government. For nearly 25 years the people in charge have used their power to deny justice for Rod Hotham and his family. As of noon today we will have a new president. For the first time since my brother’s disappearance, I have hope that my voice will be heard and the truth behind the disappearance of my brother will come to light.

I implore you Mr. President for your help. The injustice that has been perpetrated against my brother Roderick N. Hotham and his family for over a quarter of a century needs to be rectified!

Rod was an accountant from Bangor, Maine. His troubles started when he was asked in the late 1980s to do an independent audit of the books of the Penobscot Indian Nation who had received an eighty million dollar land claims settlement in the early 1980s. The group who won the settlement for the Penobscots also went on to manage it for them and the Indian Nation felt that this group was not being honest with them.

Rod had unwittingly stepped into a high level, far-reaching operation that was basically siphoning the Indian’s money away from them. He never talked a lot about what he had uncovered in his investigation that took him to the Cayman Islands. I believe Rod never talked about what he had uncovered because he understood the enormity of what he had stepped into and wanted to protect his family.

They offered him a lucrative business deal to get him to play along but when he chose not to get involved they began to work to destroy him.

Corrupt factions within the Justice Department and the FBI set out to demonize and destroy Rod. He fought the good fight for many years wanting his day in court to quell the false allegations being perpetrated against him. Civil lawsuits were brought against him by people who claimed it was “out of my hands”  or those who said they were intimidated to do so by federal officials.

Rod disappeared on September 16, 1992, on his way to obtain, by force if necessary, a copy of what appeared to be a blackmail tape implicating this powerful politician in unsavory activities. Rod intended to immediately deliver this tape to the state’s attorney general who was expecting him.

Rod was indicted several months AFTER he disappeared for Bank fraud and money laundering by the federal government. The charges are frivolous.

The very institutions that we need to bring the truth to light, serve justice and protect us are controlled by the network of evil corrupt powers that Rod was exposing.

In order to play a part in taking America back, we the people need protection from the corrupt factions within our system that are in power and want to keep their misdeeds secret at any cost.

Our media was infiltrated and taken over long ago. They have mastered the ability to control people through the dissemination of information. Instead of being the 4th estate the media has become part of the corruption they were intended to expose. They are not doing their job!

Regular people seeking justice have nowhere to go. Regular people have no place to turn for help. There is no system for their protection. By speaking up they put a target on their backs.

I have watched law enforcement and the courts as they were being used to stop truth and justice and covering up the wrongdoing of those in high places.

Justice is in direct proportion to your ability to pay for it. Regular people living check to check cannot afford the luxury of engaging this corruption too deeply for fear of this vast, well-funded machine lashing out at them and literally destroying them.

Without a system of government looking out for them, protecting the rule of law, defending truth and seeking justice, regular people are helpless in defending themselves against the evil corruption that is prevailing in our nation.

Without protection, our hands are tied. The bad guys control the game. Regular people need a safe avenue to pursue truth, justice, and the rule of law. We need protection so our voices can be heard otherwise all we have is a revolution.

Dear President Trump, can you help me to bring the truth to light regarding my missing brother?

Can you help me expose the corruption that he stepped into so that justice may be served? My brother Rod Hotham is innocent.

Dear President Trump, help me help you in making America great again.

Hopefully forgotten no longer,

Timothy Ellis Hotham


According to THIS article, Rod is listed as a Missing Person  ,

“The U.S. attorney’s office also has spent years keeping an eye on Roderick Hotham’s loved ones through their phone records. Between 2011 and 2015, the agency obtained a dozen warrants for phone records, with the requests kept secret until Oct. 7, 2015, when they were unsealed. The efforts did not lead to Roderick Hotham being found.

“We don’t have anything to say,” Donald Clark, spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Portland, said recently about the case. “There is nothing new.”

Tim Hotham said Sept. 2 that he did not know federal agents were keeping tabs on who calls him or others in his brother’s family.


“Roderick Hotham, 38, of Bangor, had been indicted in Maine’s largest bank fraud case to date, involving $1.77 million. He faced eight counts of bank fraud and nine counts of money laundering,’ US Attorney Richard S. Cohen said in 1992

This site chronicles articles with the charges brought against Rod Hotham.

Tim  Hotham says that Sept. 6,1992, when his brother Rod disappeared and was killed was the preeminent pedo-gate story.. He says that this is an original deep state story.

“Even a year ago no one would have believed me when I told them that part of the DOG and FBI are themselves corrupt, that wasn’t in our understanding as a country, now it is,” said Tim Hotham


“My Family believed in Apple Pie and Chevrolet and the American Way,” Hotham said.  




Tim Hotham said  “people need the chance to hear this story, and face the deep state corruption, and choose to do what is right.. I am inspired by our founders who did something for the country.. and so I am not afraid,” Tim Hotham told Populist Wire.


Elaine Hotham, Hotham’s Mom, recalls her son telling her before he disappeared, Mom, big trees are going to fall.  But more than two decades without answers to his whereabouts has led her to conclude, he was the one who fell.”

Populist Wire will be keeping an eye on this story for emerging details.


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