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Pepe the Frog is like a Mexican-American entrepreneur in the following ways…



Saturday she sat down with Populist Wire to tell her story.  She started with the day she was photographed in Indiana at her first political rally.  It was also the day Jim Acosta from CNN posted her photo on his twitter feed, from the rally hoping to get his followers to jab at her Pepe Doll.

“I think it is silly that some people think Pepe is a dark lord, it is just a silly Meme,” Yvette Muñoz told Populist Wire.



She drove about two hours to get to the rally, and she waited in line with her sister and brother in law, even though her dropping blood sugar and exhaustion they were thrilled to be there.   All self-proclaimed “Mexican-Americans” who are very fond of President Donald J. Trump and his policies toward Mexico.

Together the three of them had attended Trump’s inauguration with Pepe in tow.

There among the mixed crowds of people, they had been questioned about their interest in the frog, since the left considered Pepe the frog a symbol of “White Supremacy”,  there was some confusion because Muñoz is obviously not white.



Pepe is a Meme, so it is hilarious to me that people think he represents racism. A Meme can be anything you want it to be. That is why we love Pepe,”  Muñoz told Populist Wire.

“I was at the Presidential Inauguration in DC with my Brother in Law and sister and we were surrounded by mostly white men at one point, and none of them said anything racist to me.  We laughed, prayed together and sang songs. That is real diversity.  Having a unique experience and mind is diversity and why I love President Trump,” Muñoz said.

No stranger to violence for her support of Trump, she said she has received death threats in the past for speaking out to the Mexican community, who she wants to talk to.  She retreated for a short period, trying to decide if speaking her mind was worth the trouble.

When Acosta posted her photos, she started a Twitter account and decided to speak up again.


Muñoz’s Mother had sent her to live back in Mexico for awhile, to remind her of her ancestral heritage, something she is proud of except for the government corruption she experienced numerous times.

Muñoz is an American citizen first, but does honor her parent’s  Mexican heritage.  She doesn’t see a conflict, which is a burden expected of her by the Left to be conflicted in her allegiance.  She is clear in her patriotism for America.

She supports the Wall, one of the main reasons she supports Trump.

Muñoz believes that she can explain Trump’s greatness if the Mexican community would listen.

Things that are on her mind:


“If I could give one advice to the Hispanic, at the moment it will be to start by dumping Univision – it’s nothing but garbage propaganda keeping our community in fear of the president. Only the bad people are currently being deported,” she told Populist Wire.


“I would tell them about Capitalism.  I lived in Mexico and I know about the corruption that keeps us from school and work.  America is my home.  I will die to protect it.  I know what it is like in a world without Freedom,” she told PopWire.

“President Trump is a savior.  He is the best President we will ever see. and I can not believe that I was lucky enough to go to that rally in Indiana and be a part of what he is doing. I want to tell people that you get what you work for, you can not wait for the government to give you something, ” she said.

She is a businesswoman, who plans to employ other people in the future.


Muñoz told populist Wire that she had wanted to be an entrepreneur since she was a little girl, but people laughed at her.  At one point when she was living in Mexico she was told she could not work, even tho she had all of the paperwork she needed to work.  Schools in Mexico stole her American Birth Certificate documentation and caused her trouble moving back and forth between countries.

“That is why I love America.  Here you can be anything you want to be,” she said. 

So,  what started out as somewhat of a troll,  ended up to reflect reality. Muñoz and her Pepe doll actually do have a lot in common.

Both free to be what they want to be because they are Americans. 

This month  Muñoz will start her own business, when she is able she will jump in and be a guest contributor for Populist Wire and tell us what is on her mind.  We welcome this energetic, intelligent, witty Trump supporter on board as a citizen journalist.  We look forward to hearing more from her. We won’t even flinch if she wants to post videos of herself dancing with her American Meme doll.

Here at PopWire- We are fighting for Freedom and having fun.


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Former Black Panther Helped this Former Hippie Walk Away



Sunday, Kathy Martinez calls herself a “Civil Rights hippie”. She was active with her generation supporting Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Civil Rights movement. Martinez spoke exclusively with Populist Wire about her motivation for posting a video testimony on the Walk Away page and about her feelings for the modern day Democrat Communist movement.

Originally from a Communist country, Kathy says it makes her cry to see what the Democrats have done to the Civil Rights dreams of those past fighters.

“We wanted everyone to be equal. The Democrats have everyone in boxes with identity politics. It is horrible,” said Martinez.

“That is not anything close to what we marched for,” Martinez said.

“The Democrats do not understand what they are tearing apart over here. They don’t understand that America is the last free beacon of hope in the world. Where will people like my family run to escape real persecution,” she said.


Deplorable Deb encouraged me to speak and use my voice, Mason Weaver was the first to open my eyes, and Walk Away Campaign gave me the platform to pull it all together,” she told Populist Wire. Deplorable Deb is a popular Vlogger on social media.

Mason Weaver is a popular public speaker and frequent guest on Fox News.

Enter another activist: @1Citizenpundit has been active in spreading the message of the Walk Away Campaign on all of her platforms. She discovered the founder of the video testimonial campaign while doing research for her radio program in New York. She “sounded the bell” and told others.

“I just knew this idea of using videos was going to be awesome,” Maria Albanese, @1CitizenPundit, told Populist Wire.

Populist Wire was then instrumental in promoting the Walk Away Campaign movement and video testimony platform early, when alerted by @1CitizenPundit. Albanese was the first Conservative to reach out to the founder of WalkAway Campaign, according to his introduction of her on her own Walk Away video testimony.

“This is truly a grassroots movement of many people”, Mason Weaver told Populist Wire in an exclusive interview when contacted about his influence on the Walk Away Movement.

Read Populist Wire here and here.

“Although the video campaign was helpful, it was Mr. Weaver who really opened my eyes and got me to walk away from the Democrats,” Martinez said. “I respect that man so much,” she said.

“He may be talking mostly to black Americans but he inspired me. I send people Mason Weaver videos and recite what he says to other people. I am a huge fan of his work. He and I understand things these young people don’t about the realities of Communism,” Martinez told Populist Wire.


“I am glad to help. I am happy my past work and books on leaving the plantation is inspiring others. We want to rescue others. It is like we are in 1987 shouting near the Berlin Wall.. shouting at Gorbachev… tear down this wall that separates us,” Weaver told Populist Wire.

Weaver is a civil rights icon, a public speaker for 35 years, and author of books on Amazon on the topic of walking away from the Democrats.

“Just walk away,” Weaver says.


“Stay Right or Be Left”, says Weaver.


My “Walk away moment” began when I started THINKING. YOU CANNOT THINK AND STAY LIBERAL. Mason WeaverNOTE: Some people cannot bear the sound. Sorry about that. Try it on YouTube.

Posted by Mason Weaver on Monday, July 2, 2018

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Teespring Bans Anything That Looks Like Pepe



Sunday, a poster on Twitter wrote that his account had been shut down on Teespring for selling graphic T- shirts featuring a green frog.

“Teespring shut my account down and I can’t get the money for shirts I already sold,” said poster Peter Cozy.

“The company did not contact me, just locked me out of my account. Only after I reached their customer support (D M, then email), they informed me that I used a copyrighted design, Pepe the Frog. In fact, none of my designs featured Pepe The Frog.

They featured illustrations made by me of the internet meme ‘Apu’ Apustaja, which is a different character, as well as a parody (protected by US law).
Although there are similarities, the differences are in name and appearance. The money from what I sold (by sold I mean concludes sales, ie, items were actually printed and shipped to customers) is locked in my account, and they haven’t mentioned it so far, ” Cozy told Populist Wire.


Populist Wire asked for a statement from the company and will update if we receive anything.


So what is up with PEPE?

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Official Statement: Roger Stone Vindicated As Collusion Case Dismissed



Wednesday, a Federal judge threw out a DNC Staffer Scott Comer’s lawsuit against Roger Stone, signaling that as Stone claims, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California)  is really full of it.

“DNC staffer Scott Comer — who lead the suit along with the leftist group Protect Democracy — responded to the ruling, saying they disagree with the dismissal and plan to refile the case elsewhere.

This comes as Stone, a long-time supporter of the president, is being investigated by both the Senate and the Mueller investigation for similar collusion allegations,” reported OANN.

Full Article

Populist Wire covered the Democrats love of “lawfare” against Stone  HERE.

Thursday, Roger Stone released the following statement to Populist Wire. This is the unedited statement in it’s entirety:

Statement of Roger Stone on Dismissal of Democrat Party Employee Lawsuit

July 5, 2018 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“I am gratified and delighted that yesterday the United States District Court in our nation’s capital issued a ruling dismissing the ‘sore loser” lawsuit filed against me and the Donald Trump campaign. This affirms my faith that the possibility of justice, though its wheels grind slowly, remains alive and well in our nation’s judiciary.

This is not only a crushing defeat for the ivy league lawyers who abused the legal process in the filing of this action but also for the phalanx of deep state partisans who filed a misleading amicis brief with the Court.

Among the losers are John Brennan – Obama CIA Director, James Clapper – Obama Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper – Obama Director of National Intelligence, Michael Hayden – Former NSA and CIA Head Michael Morrell – Former Acting CIA Head.

The court’s unequivocal dismissal of a legal harassment campaign being waged by Clinton-Obama Democrat party proxies gives me confidence that the administration of justice in the courts of this country will not be diminished by the grotesque ploys of hyper-partisan legal mercenaries seeking to abuse our legal system as an illegitimate tool for their political vendettas.

In the meticulous 45-page Memorandum Opinion finally ending this legal travesty, Senior U.S. District Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle (an appointee of President Bill Clinton I would note) outright dismissed the baseless, malicious, incredibly-sloppy lawsuit filed almost exactly one year ago against the Trump Campaign and me personally by a thinly-veiled political front group of ex-Obama administration lawyers cynically masquerading as a “non-partisan” public interest non-profit called “Protect Democracy.”

Judge Huvelle’s decision was limited to questions of jurisdiction and she was careful to point out that her ruling is not a decision on the lawsuit’s substantive claims, per se. However, the detailed, thorough opinion Judge Huvelle fashioned is nonetheless filled with her explicit findings and statements that belie the essential credibility, believability and basic coherence of the plaintiffs’ shoddy, hyperbolic claims.

Even though the case was not decided on this basis ,plaintiffs provided no evidence or proof whatsoever of their central left-wing conspiracy theory: that I somehow worked with the Russian state to hack the DNC e-mail servers and shared the fruits of this alleged hacking with Wikileaks or the Trump campaign. This is false and can therefore never be proven in any jurisdiction.

As a rational, seasoned jurist, Judge Huvelle likely saw through the legalistic puffery and deceitful bolstering that the Democrat partisan lawfare specialists used to try to insinuate counterfeit legitimacy into their circular repetition and repackaging of nothing more than the same absurd conspiracy theories and false allegations that their partisan Democrat overseers and the fake news media parrots have regurgitated incessantly since the moment they first launched their Russian collusion hoax.

As to my counsel, it is almost impossible for me to say enough to adequately express the gratitude and respect I have for the incredibly-dedicated, singularly-skillful legal team I have in my brilliant attorneys Robert Buschel, Grant Smith and Peter Farkas. I am eternally grateful to have the benefit of such fine legal minds and the wise counsel I know I can trust implicitly with attorneys of their integrity and high caliber.

It was obvious to my counsel and me that at least one despicable ulterior objective behind the ridiculously-broad, expansive complaint the plaintiffs filed was to tie us up endlessly with petty litigious contrivances and thereby drain material and time resources which would otherwise be used to battle them politically. As such, my team worked this case with amazing efficiency and expedition.

I would note that despite this positive development, this phony lawfare action by manipulative Democrat partisan lawyers has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs, which I will never be able to recover. Notably, Judge Huvelle’s decision to toss out this sham lawsuit is quite timely, given the more sinister tinge we can now see in the motives behind this and other full-scale legal attacks that have been very purposefully coordinated against the president and his allies.

Headline-grabbing sham litigations with the Russian collusion hoax as their impetus take on a far more nefarious cast now that the collusion hoax’s central purpose has been revealed to be not merely revenge, or even just inflicting costs, but in fact to serve as a noisy distraction to cover-up the unprecedented corruption and criminal abuses of power committed by the Obama-Clinton-Democrat government, particularly during the 2016 election.

Fake lawsuits like this one have served to pile another lair of phony diversionary distractions onto an already substantial sediment built up from what are now years of nonstop media puffing and fluffing of the collusion hoax, which nonetheless has yet to produce a scintilla of proof of any sort of coordination, collaboration, collusion or conspiracy between Donald Trump or his campaign and the Russian state or its agents. None.

I have to question why this involvement by former top national security officials, the top two on this list up to their necks in the illegal spying and manipulation activities, targeting candidate Donald Trump and his supporters in 2016 and beyond, amounting to seditious crimes, and many others with track records of lying and abusive, even-illegal excesses using untold police state-grade surveillance resources and spying methods, as well as all other manner of manipulative tradecraft.

Why would these retired or unemployed spook world luminaries suddenly take such a keen interest in a civil lawsuit (for privacy torts, no less – the height of irony given the records of these deep state spymasters) filed by a handful of low-level Democrat Party employees against the Trump Campaign and myself?

I suspect we will never know this for certain, but we do know that at least one layer of their cover-up, represented by this sham lawsuit and their larger Russian collusion hoax, has now been stripped, bringing us that much closer to the truth about who the real offenders were who attempted to manipulate the 2016 election, and continue their efforts to cling to some shadow of their former power and continue to inflict damage on the innocent parties who committed the terrible offense of beating these power-crazed abusers in an election that they had gone untold distance to rig in favor of their preferred candidate and criminal co-conspirator.”


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