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Terrorism intersects the American Left in Gaza: Red-Green Axis



Monday, as a result of President Donald J. Trump moving the American Embassy to the capital of Isreal, protestors were infiltrating the border of the tiny country trying to disrupt the ceremonies with violent riots and aggressive behavior.

News spread fast of at least 55 killed and 9,000 people injured in the planned uprising.  American Progressive Communists moved fast to enlist the United Nations into investigating the deaths, claiming that Israel does not have the right of self-defense, and must allow murderous thugs to invade their country without consequence because they feel it is cool to support terrorists.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-California) ,Rep.  Betty McCollum (D-Minnesota), Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont),Mark Pocan (D-Wisconsin) led the charge to smite Israel in favor of the terrorists.

According to the Nation, Sanders said, “9,000 is a staggering toll.  Hamas violence does not justify Israel firing on unarmed protesters. The United States must play an aggressive role in bringing Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt and the international community together to address Gaza’s humanitarian crisis and stop this escalating violence.”

Congressional Progressive communist Caucus co-chair Mark Pocan (D-Wisconsin) said,“There are better ways to deal with the tensions in Gaza than bullets.”

Even as it was reported that Hamas was not only being paid to be violent, they were indeed armed and they were storming international boundaries, the left persisted in calling for America and Isreal to submit to the Terrorist’s dominance.

Laura Loomer is a freelance reporter who filmed action on the border as the Embassy ceremony was unwinding.

American leftists lead the chants and lead the Rioters in Gaza:


Watch Protester with fake injuries:

Hamas and Iran:


They promise more violence and death tomorrow and the American left encourages them.


 Study: Civilization Jihad- The Progressive Communist plot and Jihad to erase America 

From the study:  “One of the most insidious aspects of the stealthy, subversive activities the Muslim Brotherhood calls “civilization jihad” is the collaborative partnership with the hard Left that enables it.  We call this partnership the “red-green axis” – the conjoining of the socialist/communist radicals and the Islamic supremacists that has made the latter’s efforts in the West considerably more successful than would otherwise likely be the case.”

American Leftist Players:

American Leftists support Hamas and suicide bombers. 

WATCH why the IDF acted:

The Hamas funded rioters have to travel a long way to get to the border and have threatened to travel to the border again, to protest a sovereign country’s existence. And no doubt the American left will think that is pretty cool again.  It was ever thus.


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Trump to withhold “Federal Family Planning Funds” from people who kill babies, Obama’s legacy dead



Friday, stories about President Donald J. Trump cutting access to taxpayer funds for Planned Parenthood shook the left. The cut could result in over 60 Million dollars of funds being stripped from Planned Parenthood and diverted to Women’s Health Centers.

“Planned Parenthood spends tens of Millions of Dollars on Political activity and performs Abortions. We don’t think taxpayers should be paying for that,” said KellyAnne Elizabeth Conway, Counselor to the President.


Until today, the funds pay for abortions because of Obama’s Pen and Phone. The money they take from us for this program is called “Taxes”.

Department of  Health and Human Services .






Obama says- just give me the money- I am tired of waiting:


Trump undoes Obama- Power back to the People, at the State Level


Trump: “If you perform abortions, you can not get tax money.”

Twitter Reacts


The Left feels that killing the child is better “Family Planning” than not getting pregnant at all.

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Exclusive: Mark Robinson-NRA Justice Warrior, College Professor in Training- Soapbox Revolution



Thursday, speaking about his new NRA ad, his goals for the future, and his hopes for American youth, this man sat down with Populist Wire.

“When I see things that I don’t think are fair, I have to speak out. I want to say something when I know other people don’t have the means to fight back or have limited means to fight back,”  Mark Robinson told Populist Wire.

His unplanned comments at an appearance in front of the Greensboro City Council in meeting in March went viral immediately.

He decided to attend when he heard that youth with the Democrat Community Organizing group “March for Our Lives Greensboro”, would be at the meeting attempting to put pressure on the town council to pass new restrictive gun laws.


“I have heard a lot here about minorities, I want to know when you are going to stand up for the majority.  I want to tell you who the majority is. I am the Majority,” said Mark Robinson. “Law-abiding citizens are the first to be punished. We are going to fight for our rights.”

Watch his  remarks.:

Robinson is from a family of 5 brothers and sisters.  Daily were the discussions between the children growing up about what is “fair”, what is “not fair”.   Fulled by a lifelong sense of justice, he gave a passionate plea to lawmakers to consider the forgotten Americans, the ones who have never broken any laws but are constantly the victims of lawmakers reacting to tragic events by removing Constitutional Rights.

“People who saw the video reacted to a combination of things.  I have received hundreds of messages about my speech. The consistent thing most people say they were impressed with is that I talked about law-abiding citizen as the majority, most say they never really thought of it that way.  The other thing is that people were impressed with the courage I showed, ” Robinson told Populist Wire.


“I am going to college to finish a degree to be a History professor, I want to teach college.  I am currently working at a factory to put myself thru college.  I am a staunch conservative and I would like to be teaching at a very liberal college because kids are missing the other side.  They are going to college one way- and coming out the other,” he said.

“Kids are taught one way by Pastors and Teachers, and then that is wiped away in college, and I see it all of the time on these college campuses,” Robinson said.

Robison is married, has two children and a grandchild.  He is a lifelong citizen of Greensboro, North Carolina.


March for Our Rights

Robinson will be a featured speaker at March For Our Rights in Charlotte, May 19th.

Look for Robinson on Facebook at : I Am The Majority, Mark Robinson, #IamTheMajority

Robinson has been invited to use our platform as a Citizen Journalist and keep us informed of his events.

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California STD Cases Rise 45% In 5 Years



Zerohedge Reports: Sexually transmitted disease (STD) cases have reached record-high numbers in California, the Los Angeles Times reports, as the ‘sharing’ economy goes viral.

In 2017, the number of California residents diagnosed with gonorrhea (over 13,000 cases), chlamydia (over 75,000 cases) or syphilis (over 218,000 cases) hit a consecutive three-year record, according to the California Department of Public Health.

The 300,000+ people diagnosed last year represents a 45-percent increase in STD cases since 2013.

Those most commonly affected by chlamydia and gonorrhea are under 30 years old. As The Sacramento Bee reports, “Rates of chlamydia are highest among young women, while men account for the majority of syphilis and gonorrhea cases.”

“While there are advocates and champions for cancer, nobody is out there saying, ‘I have gonorrhea and these are the best ways to treat it.’ There’s no one out there being a champion for these conditions,” said Klausner.

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