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[Video] VA Bill signed into law: Watch Defenders of American Exceptionalism break it down



Saturday, Defenders of American Exceptionalism sat down and talked to Populist Wire about their radio program, their support of President Donald J. Trump and the recently signed VA Bill.

“When Trump does well we say so, and when he doesn’t we say so”, said Steven Airey Jr., son of a Veteran co-host of Defenders of American Exceptionalism.

On Saturday’s show: “Trump did well with this Bill, it gives access to private health care outside of the VA system. It’s about time!  The VA system Act passed on Wednesday and was promptly signed by President Trump.  The Bill gives 55 Billion in funding- partly to streamline the  VA choice program .”

“Unless you are a Veteran you have no idea how bad the VA is,” said Dylan Liles, co-host of the show and a Veteran.

“22 Veterans a day take their own life and some people say higher, the average is 22, so some days the high number can be up to 70 Veterans a day who commit suicide. Want to see Socialized Med at its finest- look at the VA, it can make someone feel like they want to blow their own brains out,” said Liles.

“We are ok with spending money on the VA because these Veterans have protected our lives,  The American Federation of Employees is against the Bill, saying it would force veterans into a profitable hospital- this is a dangerous step to privatization to them,” said Airey.

“The Unions are a Cancer to this country, said Liles.

“If they are not the ones making money, they get mad- they don’t care about care for the Veterans,” Airey.


VA Bill Signed- Defenders of American Exceptionalism

Watch our Friends at Defenders of American Exceptionalism talk about the VA Bill that was just signed into law. #VeteransLivesMatter

Posted by Populist Wire on Sunday, June 10, 2018

You can find Airy and Liles on Facebook, and numerous places online and HERE  


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[Video] WOMAN CURED: Shift in Medical Insurance is Shift in Medicine, Trump’s #RightToTry



Thursday, a Cancer survivor’s story took social media by storm. Judy Perkins, 52, of Port St. Lucie, is now cancer free thanks to an experimental treatment that harnessed billions of her own immune cells.

“A lot of works needs to be done, but the potential exists for a paradigm shift in cancer therapy — a unique drug for every cancer patient — it is very different to any other kind of treatment,” Dr. Steven Rosenberg at the National Institutes of Health told the BBC.

According to  New York Post, “Two and a half years ago, doctors told a Florida woman battling breast cancer that she had just three months to live.

Perkins had a mastectomy and all her lymph nodes removed and went through chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.  When all those methods failed to halt the spread of cancer to her chest and liver, she was sure she was going to die — that is, until she met Dr. Steven Rosenberg at the National Institutes of Health.

Rosenberg studied Perkins’ immune cells, finding those white blood cells capable of detecting genetic mutations and fighting cancer. Scientists then extracted those cells and grew them in a lab before injecting her with 90 billion of them.

“I think it had been maybe 10 days since I’d gotten the cells, and I could already feel that tumor starting to get soft,” Perkins told CBS. “By then I was like, ‘Dang, this is really working.’”

Full Article Here


According to the New York Times, New Cancer Treatments Buried under Mountains of Paperwork, proves that not all cancer patients need the same blanket treatments. And individual medicine and treatment is the enemy of socialized medicine, like “ObamaCare”, the Affordable Care Act.

According to

How personalized medicine is different

“Before personalized medicine, most patients with a specific type and stage of cancer received the same treatment. However, it became clear that certain treatments worked better for some patients than for others. The growth in the field of genetics has led researchers to find genetic differences in people and their tumors. This explained many of the different responses to treatment.

A person with cancer may now still receive a standard treatment plan, such as surgery to remove a tumor. However, the doctor may also be able to recommend some type of personalized cancer treatment. Personalized cancer treatment is an active part of the treatment plan or a part of a clinical trial. A clinical trial is a research study involving people.”


President Donald J. Trump supports Clinical Trials.

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[Video] Magical Birth Canal gives Human Rights



A group of  Canadian pro-life activists released a darling video called, The Magical Birth Canal, to reach out to women who are facing life-altering decisions about how to deal with their pregnancy.

“Human Rights.  You make think you have always had them, but you would be wrong.  How did you get them, you ask?  From the Magical Birth Canal,” said the pink haired Mom who loves Fairies


Choice42 website offers people links to resources about how to deal with pregnancy and the consequences of abortion.

According to WIKI, “Abortion in Canada is legal at all stages of pregnancy and is governed by the Canada Health Act. While some non-legal obstacles existCanada is one of only a few nations with no legal restrictions on abortion. Regulations and accessibility vary between provinces. Prior to 1969, all abortion was illegal in Canada.”

From the Website:

You thought it would be ok, but it’s not. You thought the abortion would fix everything, but it didn’t. Now there is this unexplained sadness in the quiet and you wonder: “What would she be like? Could I have done it?” 

You dream about him.


You don’t have to do this alone. There are people who can help; they will walk with you in your grief journey.


The site offers stories of encouragement and advice to not abort their baby:

“To you, reading this, I don’t know your situation, I don’t know how you got here, but I know if you think you will go to a clinic, have a procedure and you will get your life back, I am certain you won’t. Your life, pre-pregnancy, pre a life being created and growing in your womb will never return, you will never be the same again, because now, you have a life inside of you, you will let it grow or you will kill it but you can’t ever make it like it wasn’t there. I’m sorry, sister I wish we could freeze time, just wait till later a better time, I wish the options weren’t so painful at every turn – know whoever you are reading this, my heart breaks for you. I hope you choose wiser than I did.” -Anonymous”

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Tea Time: Government Health Care Strikes Again



Less than a year ago the vaunted “free” British government National Health Care Service (NHS) that is so admired by liberals here, killed 11 month old Charlie Gard when it refused to continue treating Charlie’s serious and likely terminal illness but worse, refused to allow his parents to take him to the United States at their expense where a couple of doctors believed they could give him a fighting chance. Charlie’s parent lost in their appeals to the British courts and even the UE Court of Human Rights and little Charlie lost his life.

This sad tale was recently repeated when 23 month old Alfie Evans who suffered from a neurodegenerative disorder and required assistance with ventilation and hydration died late last month after the NHS stopped treating him. The NHS determined that further treatment for the boy was “futile” which may be another way to say that they do not see a future return on their investment. The Pope had intervened and an Italian hospital offered to continue the boy’s treatment and the Italian government even offered him citizenship – all gallant efforts to give this young child a chance at life. Unfortunately none of these offers for help were ever utilized because once again the NHS refused to
release the boy to his parents and the British court system and the EU Court of Human Rights once again ruled in favor of government bureaucracy instead of in favor of life.

This episode is another warning for Republicans to repeal the smoldering remains of Obamacare and its internal potential death panel, the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). If you think my “death panel language is a bit over the top, let me remind you that it nearly happened here in 2013 when then Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius denied a much needed lung transplant for 10 year old Sarah Murnagham, because she was too young for the 12 year age limit the government had established. Fortunately, the public firestorm ultimately forced Sebelius to allow the surgery, but she did it because of the optics, not because it was right.

While it is true the Republicans dealt Obamacare a death blow with the elimination of the individual mandate they have not taken all of the possible actions to enable the private insurance market fill the varying needs of Americans which would make it easier for the federal government to largely get out of health care where it never belonged in the first place. The president remains ready to sign any reasonable repeal bill the Republican controlled congress will bring him, but after 16 months he is still waiting.

-Larry Wiwi for the Franklin County Tea Party

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