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LOL: CNN Predicts ‘Heart Attack’ of ‘Obese’ President Trump



(Via The American Mirror)

Despite President Trump’s positive health exam results, CNN simply won’t accept the White House doctor’s assessment.

Pundits who have not examined Trump parsed the results and drew conclusions likely intended to scare viewers.

Host Alisyn Camerota and medical analyst Sanji Gupta declared Trump to be “borderline obese,” predicted he would have a heart attack in “3-5 years” and Gupta concluded the president has heart disease.

Camerota held back laughs over Trump’s height, which the exam found to be 6’3″. He had reportedly been 6’2″ in the past.

“Somehow he has grown while being in the White House,” she snarked.

Because of Trump’s weight of 239 lbs., she said his Body Mass Index is “two-nine point nine.”

Gupta conceded the BMI ratio is “not a perfect ratio by any means,” but nevertheless, went on to declare Trump “borderline obese.”

“So he’s point-one away from being in the obese category,” Camerota emphasized.

After Vice President Joe Biden’s doctor panned CNN’s hysteria, Camerota went back to Gupta.

Because of Trump’s calcium score, CNN predicted the president will have a “heart attack or heart disease” in “3-5 years.”

But Gupta was more aggressive.

“So the president has heart disease,” he declared.

Yesterday, CNN host Brian Stelter didn’t accept Dr. Ronny Jackson’s findings, either.

“Here’s how the next few hours will go,” he sniffed. “Trump supporters will say ‘Concerns about Trump’s mental health were always absurd. Case closed now.’

“The obvious response: ‘The Q’s about fitness for office are serious. Someone could be sharp as a tack, but still unfit,” he tweeted.

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WATCH: Jesse Watters Says Democrats Angry That There’s No Collusion



Screenshot: Fox News

Fox News personality Jesse Watters, who hosts the show, “Watters World,” and is a big supporter of President Donald Trump, said Saturday that Democrats are angry that Robert Mueller found out that Trump is not a Russian agent.

Watters made the remarks Saturday as part of his opening remarks, during his weekly show on Fox News Channel.

“Mueller found [President Trump] wasn’t a traitor after Democrats for two years falsely accused him of being a traitor,” Watters said. “Instead of being relieved, they’re angry.”

“[He] was fighting back against their false allegations,” he continued.

This was an attempted take-down or Coup D’Etat!


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Lewandowski Contradicts Mueller, Says Trump Never Asked Him to Help Fire Special Counsel



Screenshot: Fox News

President Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said Friday on Fox News that he did not receive a request from the president to help fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller alleged in a report of his findings released on Thursday by Attorney General Bill Barr that the president asked for Lewandowski to help with getting Mueller terminated as Special Counsel.

Lewandowski refuted that allegation, however, in an appearance Thursday with Ed Henry on “Fox News at Night.” Henry was filling in Thursday for the show’s host, Shannon Bream.

The special counsel detailed the allegation that President Trump asked Lewandowski for assistance firing Mueller in his report, which said:

Two days after directing McGahn to have the Special Counsel removed the President made another attempt to affect the course of the Russia investigation. On June 19, 2017, the President met one-on-one in the Oval Office with his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, a trusted adviser outside the government, and dictated a message for Lewandowski to deliver to Sessions. The message said that Sessions should publicly announce that, notwithstanding his recusal from the Russia investigation, the investigation was “very unfair” to the President, the President had done nothing wrong, and Sessions planned to meet with the Special Counsel and “let [him] move forward with investigating election meddling for future elections.” Lewandowski said he understood what the President wanted Sessions to do.

One month later, in another private meeting with Lewandowski on July 19, 2017, the President asked about the status of his message for Sessions to limit the Special Counsel investigation to future election interference. Lewandowski told the President that the message would be delivered soon. Hours after that meeting, the President publicly criticized Sessions in an interview with the New York Times, and the issued a series of tweets making it clear that Sessions’s job was in jeopardy. Lewandowski did not want to deliver the President’s message personally, so he asked senior White House official Rick Dearborn to deliver it to Sessions. Dearborn was uncomfortable with the task and did not follow through.

“This notion in the report that the president asked you to go and help fire Robert Mueller — true or fake news,” Henry asked Lewandowsky. “No, the president never asked me to help him fire Robert Mueller,” Lewandowski replied.

“Look, Ed, as you know and have articulated well, I’ve been a friend of the president’s for many many years now and he and I have had multiple conversations, which I always respect the privacy of those conversations,” Lewandowski continued. “And we talk through things all the time, whether it’s any issue that presidents [sic] want to talk about, but never did the president ask me to go and fire Robert Mueller, nor do I have any authority or did I have any authority to do so.”

“So, did you talk to Robert Mueller’s investigators about this point?” Ed Henry asked Lewandowski.

“You know, I have a very candid conversation with the people who were asking questions … I told them exactly what happened … that on numerous occasions, over the course of the last two and a half years, I’ve had the privilege and honor of going into the White House, and speaking to the president, sometimes in private and sometimes with other people,” Lewandowski said.

He told Fox News host Ed Henry that he always keeps the content of his conversations with the president private.


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WATCH: Tucker Slams Jim Acosta For Epic Self-Own At McAllen Border Barrier



On Thursday, Fox News Anchor Tucker Carlson praised CNN’s Jim Acosta for one of the biggest self-owns: making President Trump’s case for a border wall.

“In fact, this debate is over. We’re not getting a barrier along our southern border. We can’t, not now, not ever,” Carlson sarcastically proclaimed. “That possibility was permanently destroyed today by a fact-seeking missile of truth launched by one of our country’s premier cable news outlets in a single devastating act of journalism, CNN killed the wall. Took their biggest guns to do it.”

Tucker then begin to play a video, streamed Thursday by Acosta, which showed him idiotically saying that there was no crisis at the U.S. border — an argument he made while standing at a section of the border with a barrier — in the middle of the afternoon.

“You see that? Take that, you nativist bigot freaks, you creepy wall obsessives. Jim Acosta just spanked you. He was there, not in some cushy, air-conditioned studio in Washington with the rest of the talking heads,” Tucker continued.

Tucker then humorously joked that Acosta was out in the field, doing the type of “hard-boiled shoe-leather reporting” that made him a household name.

Tucker added: “Not a single illegal alien was anywhere near that wall. There was no tent city. There were no predatory gang members or coyotes. MS-13? Not there. There was no sad suffering caravan. Everything was just fine or as Jim Acosta so memorably put it, the area around that steel barrier was pretty tranquil.”


Here’s Acosta owning himself:

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