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The Biased Media Must End



Media bias is becoming a major issue in the United States today. Most media outlets have become corrupt by politics. The media should be completely unbiased and factual, allowing the citizens of our great country to form their own opinions. I understand and completely respect the First Amendment, but when the media is pushing their opinions so hard, it is impossible not to see things from their point of view.

Being a young adult, I know how impressionable America’s youth is. When we have this much fake news, it makes it really hard to determine what is real and what isn’t. As America’s future voters, we need to be presented with the truth by reporters who will keep their own opinions out of their reports and articles. I think this change is possible, but we as a nation need to demand it.

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More Gun Control Is Not The Answer




As an American college student I am a member of the most diverse and technologically advanced generation in the history of the world, and that is pretty cool. As a conservative millennial I feel my voice is often not heard.

I believe screaming for more “gun control” is not the answer. I want politicians on both sides of the aisle to stand up and admit the government failed on all levels during the Parkland shooting.

I am thankful U.S. Rep. Rod Blum had the strength to admit the federal and local governments failed. There was no oversight, and that needs to be addressed. I understand the need and want to feel safe at my school, but the cyclical narrative of disarming innocent civilians is not the answer. It is not only unconstitutional, but it won’t solve the problem. Bad guys who want to do harm will find a way to make it happen. It is intellectually dishonest to attack the weapon and not the criminal.

I have made the conscious decision to not walk out of school to make my voice heard, but to walk up to students who are having a hard time and be a positive impact.

It is time we enforce laws already on the books and increase public safety by updating state compliance when it comes to background checks.

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Place Term Limits On Legislative Branch




The founding fathers did not intend for our elected officials to make careers out of public office. We have term limits for our President and for good reason; we should apply those same principles to the Legislative Branch. There are politicians that have been in office longer than Ive been alive.

Congressman Rod Blum established the first ever Term Limits Caucus in Congress and the support from other members to bring a vote to the floor to term limit themselves is disgracefully unpopular. If members aren’t willing to stand up next to Congressman Blum and put an end to Congressional jobs for life, we ought to vote them out.

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[Exclusive] Sharika Soal leaves the Hollywood Resistance and gets death threats



Sunday, Sharika Soal spoke with PopulistWire about her shocking Twitter timeline, which reveals signs of nasty racism and even death threats made by people in the Far Left/ Democrat movement called “The Resistance”.

“If I can handle Kim Kardashian being mad at me, I can handle the Resistance,” Soal, a Celebrity Publicist in California told Populist Wire.

Soal started to have a change of heart with the movement for a number of reasons, many that had to do with the Black Lives Matter Movement.  She posted about her feelings and hosted some videos critical to the leftist movement HERE .

Once a leading and valued member of the Resistance movement,  Soal has branched out and found a new direction for her activism.  She has left her association with the Resistance chat rooms and spaces she helped create and she now has some new friends and supporters from the #MAGA movement.

Soal is a writer and Publicist for Maga First News.

Driven mostly by her passion for her son and watching him overcome sexual abuse struggles, her focus has left what she sees as fake causes of the left, and she now focuses on raising her son and giving her voice to some conservative values she has always held.

For that, she has been attacked by vile messages about her race and her ideas since at least December 2017,  when she first left the group chat pages.

Soal told Populist Wire that she wants to protect her son from the bizarre behavior of other posters on Twitter who are attacking her. “I don’t understand why they think it is ok to threaten me like this.  I have high profile twitter account, these people are out of control,” she said.

She is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and so is her son.  According to Soal they were both abused by the same person. Soal is a single Mom and has her own successful business.

“This is my Passion- my son. I think the resistence’s #MeToo movement is bullshit.  Allysa Milano was in one of my chat rooms, and she was using the movement to propell herself, she didn’t really care about those people or about children. I had to get out of there.  I think it really woke me up to who they are,” Soal said.

” I still hold some liberal values, and I still have my same feelings about race, but what has changed is that people who once used my services chat rooms and my PR services have turned against me and are sending me death threats because I won’t agree with them,” she told Populist Wire.

“When they  called me a Nigger, that really just made me feel I had taken enough.  This has been going on for 6 months, and I have tried to deal with this professionally, but I just felt I had to speak out now, ” she said.

“When I didn’t respond online with the first attacks, the Resisters started using gaslighting techniques to make me feel imbalanced and insecure, I really want people to see what these people do.  I am not scared of them,” she said.

“I am the one who created the chat rooms where the Resisters were talking about the resistance movement.  I left because I didn’t agree with the Black Lives Matter Movement, and when I talked about what my son went thru almost everyone said hateful things to me about it.  Aren’t they supposed to be fighting for these victims?  People like my  son, people like me?” said Soal

“But because I questioned them and how they were doing things and left, they want to destroy me.”

Soal gave Populist Wire the following statement:

“I am not a perfect soul but I’m human, and I won’t be intimidated.   I’ve already lived 20 years in silence and won’t ever go back,  if you come for me please make sure it’s worth it.    I will get back up every time someone knocks me down, and as long as I’m a mommy of an incest victim, my path is for the justice of him.  Anyone going against me is going against him.   And mommy bears aren’t easy to put down.”

Soal is working on her ideas for a bill:

It appears that what the Hollywood Resistance Movement is fighting is a hardworking, strong, Black, Single Mother who is a victim and caring for a victim of childhood sexual abuse.  The monsters she faces now are people who used her, her talent and contacts, and they are “Resisting” their humanity.

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