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$830 Million In Missing “Helicopters As First Audit Begins Of Army




After several decades of nation-building and trillions of dollars missing or improperly recorded, the long-awaited audit of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has finally begun. On Wednesday, the Defense Department Comptroller David Norquist told lawmakers in Washington that the DoD’s first-ever department wide audit will cost about $367 million in 2018 and an additional $551 million to fix the problems.

Norquist, who testified before the House Armed Services Committee, said Defense Secretary James N. Mattis and Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan are in full support of the audit. Back in May 2017, President Trump appointed Norquist to finally put the military’s financial house back in order after many years of delays.

What is surprising, if only in retrospect, is that according to the World Economic Forum, U.S. Department of Defense has been named the largest employer in the world with some 3.2 million members on its payroll and $2.4 trillion in assets but has never administered a full audit. .

“This is the first time the department will undergo a full financial statement audit,”he said. “A financial statement audit is comprehensive and occurs annually and it covers more than financial management,” Norquist explained to Lawmakers.

The purpose of the audit will document military equipment and real property along with condition and location. “It tests the vulnerability of our security systems and it validates the accuracy of personnel records and actions,” Norquist said.

DoD News says that 1,200 auditors are currently working on the project to assess the books.

The department will have 1,200 financial statement auditors assessing the books and records to develop a true account of the state of the department, the comptroller said. It will take time to pass all the process and system changes necessary to pass the audit and get a so-called “clean opinion,” he said. He noted that it took the Department of Homeland Security — a much smaller and newer agency — 10 years to get a clean audit.

“But we don’t have to wait to see the benefits of a clean opinion,” Norquist said. “The financial statement audit helps drive enterprise improvements to standardize our business practices and improve the quality of our data.”

DoD News made an interesting observation how the audit will provide “information and accountability to the American people.” Why now? How come all of a sudden the DoD wants to become transparent to the American people? Perhaps, it is due to Washington’s two-decades of failed nation-building throughout the rest of the world, although it is unlikely.

Norquist said, “the taxpayers deserve the same level of confidence as a shareholder that DoD’s financial statement presents a true and accurate picture of its financial condition and operations. Transparency, accountability and business process reform are some of the benefits of a financial statement audit.”

And in a preview of what is to come, Norquist told the House Armed Services Committee that an initial Army audit found 39 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter ($830,700,000) were not adequately recorded in the property system. “The Air Force identified 478 structures and buildings at 12 installations that were not in its real property system,” he added. In other words these helicopters were simply “missing” on the books.

Alas, the mismanagement within the DoD doesn’t stop there: in a recent report, the U.S. military lost some 44,000 troops across the globe in a country location labeled as “Unknown.”

Going even deeper into the rabbit hole, Mark Skidmore, a Professor of Economics at MSU specializing in public finance, found the Department of Defense and Housing & Urban Development may have spent as much as $21 trillion on mysterious items between 1998 and 2015.

“This is incomplete, but we have found $21 trillion in adjustments over that period. The biggest chunk is for the Army. We were able to find 13 of the 17 years and we found about $11.5 trillion just for the Army,” Skidmore said.

Considering that today’s already known accounting blunders at the Department of Defense are no small matter, we wonder what the 1,200 auditors will find when they perform the first ever dive down the rabbit hole of decades of failed proxy wars, regime changes and dictator slush funds in history?

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Is Trump Getting Saudi Arabia To Take Over U.S. Syrian Operations?



(Via Zerohedge)

The Washington Post has revealed that President Trump attempted to extricate US troops from Syria by asking ally Saudi Arabia to foot the bill for postwar reconstruction and “stabilization” projects in the area of northeast Syria currently occupied by US coalition forces, to the tune of $4 billion. The deal would involve US allies like Saudi Arabia moving into a lead position regarding coalition policy in Syria, while hastening a US exit.

Though the coalition continues to claim that its occupation of Syrian soil is toward anti-terror and humanitarian efforts, including the reestablishment of civilian infrastructure in a region previously controlled by ISIS, America’s top general, CENTCOM chief Gen. Joseph Votel, admitted in congressional testimony this week that the Syrian government along with its Russian and Iranian allies have effectively won the war.

General Votel’s very frank admissions on Syria stunned hawks like Senator Graham, who were looking for more muscular policy goals. The Washington Post summarized this part of the exchange as follows:

Asked on Tuesday in a Congressional hearing if Bashar al-Assad had “won”, Gen. Joseph Votel, head of US Central Command, replied, “I do not think that is too strong of a statement. I think [Russia and Iran] have provided him with the wherewithal to be ascendant at this point.”

Senator Lindsey Graham asked Votel, “And it is not your mission in Syria to deal with the Iranian-Assad-Russia problem?” Graham asked Votel. “That’s not in your ‘things to do,’ right?”

The general replied, “That’s correct, senator.”

Votel declined to say whether he believed the US military should pursue that broader objective. And asked whether it was still policy that Assad must leave power, Votel said: “I don’t know that that’s our particular policy at this particular point. Our focus remains on the defeat of ISIS.”

(Read The Full Story Here)

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Exclusive: Fellow Veteran said-General Mike Flynn is a soldier’s leader, and has had his life ruined by the FBI



A person familiar with the long and honorable career of  Lt. General Michael Thomas Flynn, a former advisor to President Donald J. Trump, gave Populist Wire a glimpse into an honorable career and a well-respected leader.

“ During the time we were together I was was the Platoon Sargent he was the Platoon Leader,” said  Jerry Zamora, of Allstate financial services in Fayettville North Carolina .

In 1981, after graduating from the University of Rhode Island, Flynn joined the Army. He qualified as an intelligence officer, and got orders to join the 82nd Airborne Division, a paratrooper unit in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

“We worked together 2-4 years in the 82nd Airborne,” Zamora told Populist wire, with permission from General Flynn to talk to us.

“We had a great relationship.  He was always good with the men.  We had a great run together.   Mike always showed honesty, willingness to learn and he was a hands-on leader.  It is typical for officers to stand back, but Mike would pick up trash if he had to, to make a  mission work, he was a soldier’s leader,” Zamora said

According to “Born in 1958 in Rhode Island, Michael Flynn began his 33-year Army career as a second lieutenant in military intelligence. After three years as intelligence chief of the JSOC in Iran, he returned stateside for top bureaucratic posts, but was forced out as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014.

Flynn emerged as a strong supporter of presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016, and was named Trump’s national security adviser in November. He resigned after 24 days in office over the revelation of his contact with the Russian ambassador, and subsequently faced legal problems related to his lobbying interests and failures to disclose information. In December 2017, he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his conversations with the Russian ambassador.

Today, the call has gone out to drop that case against Flynn:



“Mike always made sure that things got done and that he took part from start to finish- he didn’t sit up in his office.  He was very, very involved with the men getting their jobs done,” said Zamora.

If President Barack Obama had not stopped the process, Flynn would have received his 4th star.


“Zamora said Flynn had gotten up to his third star “because of the trust of the men, trust of his leaders,  he showed honestly, hard “work,” he said.

Obama, who never served in the military, squelched Flynn’s fourth star. Most believe over the disagreement that Flynn and Obama had over Obama’s assessment of ISIS being a “JVTeam”.


Zamora said it was impossible to get to the level Flynn was at, unless the leaders depended on him and expected incredible results.


“Trust is very big issue – Michael did so well because he was loved by the men and the leaders- because of the way he treated his men. That doesn’t happen too often,” Zamora said.

“He had a way of drawing people to him.  He was very smart.  I don’t think you will find anyone who worked with him who didn’t like him and that doesn’t happen too often.”

“Michael was always well prepared and his preparedness was a product to him working with his NCOs and officers to come up with a plan and follow it thru.  Not often to do you see officers at his level doing what he did with the men.  He knew how he wanted the mission done and he surrounded himself with good people,” said Zamora.

“A trait that made Michael successful was his influence to get others to buy in to the plan.   At his level in the military, you need others but are still the leader, and that his how you get things done. You get people to follow you- and that is what Mike did.”

In 1983, Flynn deployed to Grenada, as part of the American invasion force. He set up a listening post on a cliffside to intercept Cuban radio transmissions. One day, spotting two American soldiers being swept out to sea, Flynn leaped off the cliff—“about a forty-foot jump into the swirling waters,” he recalls, in his book, “The Field of Fight”—and rescued the men.

“He has an internal confidence in himself and in the people around him.  He used access to good leaders around him.  He had good people around him with good opinions.  He was always a solider’s man,” said Zamora reflecting back on Flynn’s ability to jump off that cliff.

He wasn’t always perfect, sometimes I wonder how he got so far without me- Zamora says with a laugh and a poke his old friend.  “Michael is from Rhode Island and he said strange things, like when he called Sub Sandwiches a Grinder,” Zamora recalled with good humor.

“When Grenada kicked off – he dove off a cliff and saved some guys- he got a silver star for that. That is the confidence Flynn has.  He grew up near the ocean in Rhode Island and was a lifeguard- and he used his skills.”

Overall Zamora wants us to see the Flynn he knows.  “He knows what he is doing.  He is very intelligent a good planner.  Leaders and politicians respected him.”

  “He got a bum rap- the way politics are today. His life is ruined, and there are other people who should be in jail.. nothing is fair in politics,” said Zamora

If only politics was as honorable as the military, Mike Flynn might be the Vice President.  Flynn is a central figure in a scandal from the Obama administration that is unfolding.




General Flynn released the following Statement:

“My service to our country was the greatest honor of my life. I will be forever grateful to the men and women that served alongside me during my over 33 years in uniform. They made me a better person and leader. God Bless our troopers and their families and God Bless our Veterans,” General Flynn wrote.





Please forward this article to people, so they have another perspective of General Flynn.

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Is Turkey Gearing Up For War With Greece?



(Via Zerohedge)

In an incident that took place less than two weeks after the Greek Defense Ministry announced that Turkey had violated Greek airspace 138 times in a single day, a Turkish coast guard patrol boat on February 13 rammed a Greek coast guard vessel off the shore of Imia, one of many Greek islands over which Turkey claims sovereignty.

Most of the areas within modern Greece’s current borders were under the occupation of the Ottoman Empire from the mid-15th century until the Greek War of Independence in 1821 and the establishment of the modern Greek state in 1832. The islands, however, like the rest of Greece, are legally and historically Greek, as their names indicate.

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), however, and even much of the opposition seem intent on, if not obsessed with, invading and conquering these Greek islands, on the grounds that they are actually Turkish territory.

In December, for instance, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of the main Turkish opposition CHP party, stated that when he wins the election in 2019, he will “invade and take over 18 Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, just as former Turkish PM Bulent Ecevit invaded Cyprus in 1974.” He said that there is “no document” proving that those islands belong to Greece.

Meral Akşener, the head of the newly established opposition “Good Party,” has also called for an invasion and conquest of the islands. “What is required must be done,” she tweeted on January 13.

The most garish muscle-flexing has come from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, of course, who seems emboldened by his military invasion of the Afrin region in northern Syria having gone virtually unchallenged.

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