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Bloomberg: Obama “Could Not Lie” | Virtue Signaling Trump’s “Dishonesty” While Ignoring Obama Corruption



Just when you think the left’s multitasking abilities couldn’t be anymore impressive, Bloomberg was able to pull out the ol’ “Dishonesty” quip about Trump, but Bloomberg did one fatal move in mentioning that “Obama Could Not Lie.” The Obama years and administration were some of the most damaging for Government secrecy and even Journalist transparency, luckily Wikileaks has helped Obama keep up some of that promise, but to no benefit to Barry. This is exactly why about 7 million Obama voters voted for Trump — the amount of virtue signaling about being honest, while lying is one of many example of the hypocrisy of the left.

Zerohedge Reports: In what could set a new standard for cognitive dissonance, former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg warned in a commencement speech on Saturday at Texas’ Rice University that “an endless barrage of lies” and a trend toward “alternate realities” in national politics pose a dire threat to U.S. democracy.

“This is bigger than any one person. It’s bigger than any one party…”

Careful not to call out President Trump specifically – having derided him as “a con” and a “dangerous demagogue” before his election – AP reports the 76-year-old billionaire told the assembled crowd that Americans are facing an “epidemic of dishonesty” in Washington that’s more dangerous than terrorism or communism…

“How did we go from a president who could not tell a lie to politicians who cannot tell the truth?”

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Soros Newest Investor Of Tesla Bonds



Tesla looks to have a new bond holder and it’s none other than George Soros. Whatever this mean, Soros has also taken a stake in Crypto-Currencies .

Zerohedge Reports: Amid Elon Musk’s darkest hour in late March – as his stocks and bonds tumbled in price – it seems there was at least one other billionaire willing to buy the ‘blood on the street’.

According to the latest 13Fs, George Soros’ investment firm took a $35 million stake in Tesla’s convertible bonds during the first three months of the year.

As a reminder, convertibles are hybrid securities, either bonds or preferred stock, that can be exchanged for a predetermined number of common shares. That effectively lets an investor participate in stock-price changes, but with the yield and greater security of a fixed-income instrument.

The March 2019 Converts bounced handsomely off those lows – tracking the stock’s divergent bounce – but in recent days has fallen back towards the lows, catching down to the straight bonds record low price.

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Mueller ‘Won’t Indict President’ Says Giuliani



Well, that’s all folks. Mueller is finally letting the President’s Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, the President will not be indicted. The year long investigation will not go without political, personal, and financial troubles for those caught between Trump and the “Russian Collusion” narrative, a Democratic ploy that has turned out to be a major annoyance in the eyes of Americans caring about everyday issues.

Zerohedge Reports: Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s attorney and longtime associate, told Fox News on Wednesday that special counsel Robert Mueller has notified Trump’s legal team that he will follow Justice Department guidance and not seek an indictment against Trump.

“All they get to do is write a report,” said Giuliani.

Giuliani, himself a former federal prosecutor and mayor of New York City, also told Fox that Mueller’s investigators have not responded to five information requests from the president’s team. That has forced Trump’s legal team to push off making a decision about whether the president will sit for an interview with the special counsel — a decision they had hoped to reach by Thursday. -Fox News

Federal prosecutors are barred from indicting a sitting president, as laid out in a Justice Department memo. Giuliani says that Mueller has no choice but to follow its guidance.

Meanwhile, the special counsel’s office and Trump’s legal team continue to hash out the conditions under which the President will communicate with investigators.

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North Carolina

North Carolina would elect Trump again by 8 points



North Carolina Voters Would Re-Elect Trump, Approval Rating at 51%; Generic Ballot Tied
Wednesday,  the Civitas Institute released a statewide poll which reveals that if the 2016 presidential election were held again today, President Donald Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton, in North Carolina, by eight points. The exact text of the question is as follows:

If the 2016 Presidential Election were held again in 2018, for whom would you vote: (RANDOMIZE)

45%        Donald Trump, the Republican
37%        Hillary Clinton, the Democrat
5%           Gary Johnson, the Libertarian
2%           Jill Stein, Green Party
6%           Write-in someone else
4%           Would not vote

Perhaps equally noteworthy is the increase in President Trump’s approval rating, which has crossed the 50 percent threshold in the Civitas Poll for the first time. The exact text of the question is as follows:

Now, please tell me whether you approve or disapprove of the job that Donald Trump is doing as President?

51%        Total Approve
47%        Total Disapprove
2%           Don’t Know

“These results are noteworthy because they appear to be contrary to the narrative of an oncoming anti-Trump blue wave,” said Civitas President Donald Bryson. “Either the blue wave momentum is not congealing, or North Carolinians are simply acting contrary to the larger national narrative, even when you consider the generic congressional ballot.”

The Civitas Poll contained a generic ballot test question for Congressional races, with likely voters evenly split between Democrats and Republicans at 41 percent each. The exact text of the question is as follows:

And regardless of how you would vote at the state level, if the election for Congress were being held today, would you be voting for the: (ROTATE)

41%        Republican candidate
41%        Democratic candidate
7%           Neither/Other/Independent
11%        Don’t Know/Undecided/Need More Info

Bryson continued, “Surprisingly, 18-40-year-olds– a reliable group for Democrats in previous years – appear to be breaking for Republicans in the generic ballot test, as well as job approval for the President.”

Crosstabs for these questions can be found here.

This statewide poll surveyed 600 likely voters (35% on cell phones) with a margin of error +/- 4.0%. This survey was taken May 1-3, 2018. A copy of the crosstabs, in their entirety, will be released later today.

For questions or interview requests contact Brooke Medina, Civitas Communications Director, at 919-714-4907 or

Founded in 2005, the Civitas Institute is a Raleigh, NC-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit policy organization that fights to remove barriers to freedom so that all North Carolinians can enjoy a better life. 

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