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CULTURE: What ‘Gangs Of New York’ & Malcolm X Tell Us About White Liberal Bigotry…



By Robert Stanley | America has a history of dealing with radical factions like the Left. Only 100 years ago, New York was faced with a disastrous mob mentality that resulted in constant rioting. Tammany Hall, the Democratic Party political machine that played a major role in New York City during the 19th Century, was littered with fights, brawls, and gangs.

Gangs were made up of Irish, Italian, Jewish, & Black people. They all hated each other. Liberals see whites as a monolithic group that could have never expressed prejudice inwards, but it’s simply not true: Italians had a particular disgust for the Irish at the time.

This is what the book “Gangs of New York” illustrates. Most people are familiar with the film, but the book is a much more in-depth and slightly MORE entertaining non-fiction piece about one of America’s most tumultuous racial periods post-Civil War.
What does it all mean? Well… we’ve been here before. 40 years after the Civil War is when all this happened. Now, over 50 years after Jim Crow ends, here we are again.

What GoNY teaches us is that separation into MORE identity groups isn’t going to be the solution. We barely made it out of white on white racism. The mainstream media doesn’t want you to remember white on white racism because all whites = racist! This isn’t exclusive to Caucasians either. Even in the African-American community, there’s the stigma of “the light-skinned” member who is hurled bigoted descriptions such as “soft”, “uncle tom”, “white”, ect.

We have to remember our history and stop lumping people into monolithic groups. We’ve come too far. Everyone has black, hispanic, white, asian and everything in-between friends. It actually is a multi-cultural society. We enjoy and even celebrate each other’s cultures daily even when we don’t think about it [we don’t need reminders.]

We are not collectives, we are individuals united by country. Identity politics play into liberal bigotry. They use the illusion of separation & gang mentality when we have never been more united in our history.
TL;DR – There is no race war. I’ll leave you with the Malcolm X quote:

“The liberal is more deceitful, more hypocritical than the conservative… By winning the “friendship” and support of the negro, the white liberal was able to use the negro as a pawn or a weapon in this political football game…”
[Opinion pieces are submitted by contributors and do not reflect the views of POPULIST WIRE! Free speech means free though.]

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Progressive Delaware Website Uses Picture of African-American Candidate as Clickbait for Transgender Candidate.



Wilmington, DEBlue Delaware — a far-left website that seeks to cover politics in Delaware from a liberal and progressive perspective, and hold Democratic office holders accountable to their ideology — used a Republican Candidates’ picture, Steven Washington, as a link to an article supporting his opponent, Tim McBride. Tim now goes by the name of Sarah, and is a transgender activist-turned-Delaware State Senate candidate. Both candidates are running for Senate in Delaware’s 1st Senate District.

When reached for comment regarding his thoughts, Steven Washington said: “I’m not sure that it was purposeful, but it doesn’t send a good message, and displays implicit racial bias.” 

When Mr. Washington first announced his candidacy, McBride’s Campaign Manager, Phoebe Lucas, released a statement claiming that the Republican party recruited heavily to find someone to run against McBride, because it 

“sees Sarah as a threat…picked a candidate who is already testing messages to attack Sarah on ‘family values.’ And we all know what that means.” 

Populist Wire isn’t exactly sure which candidate ranks higher on the Intersectionality score at this time. According to sources familiar with the GOP of Delaware, the party isn’t actively recruiting candidates to target specific threats, but rather to field a candidate for every contestable office.  

Sarah McBride, whose birth name is Tim, is a man suffering from gender confusion. According to researchers such as Dr. Paul McHugh from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, people suffering from such confusion have higher than usual rates of suicide, which is not reduced after “gender transition” therapy or “sex reassignment” surgery:

“Transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men. All (including Bruce Jenner) become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits or impersonators of the sex with which they ‘identify,’ In that lies their problematic future,” 

Chris Hyde, from Birmingham University’s Aggressive Research Intelligence facility, when discussing gender reassignment surgeries states: 

“there’s still a large number of people who have the surgery but remain traumatized – often to the point of suicide.”

A brief overview of ‘Sarah’ McBride’s financial reports indicate that the majority of their donors are from out-of-state donors who enjoy enabling such confusion and suffering. 

Delaware’s 1st Senate District is predominantly African-American. Transgenderism is a tough sell in that community, but usually Republicans are too. This should be interesting. Steven Washington’s website is: 

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Neo-Con & Israeli Puppet Dan Crenshaw Lies About America First Patriots, Just Like He Did About Trump



Dan Crenshaw continued an onslaught of attacks against Nick Fuentes, Michelle Malkin, and America First patriots by labeling them “vehement racists, antisemites, & ethnic nationalists”. This is a far cry from the truth. He also went on again to call America First patriots as ‘antisemitic’ in a response to Michelle Malkin blocking him. Dan Crenshaw also supported Red Flag laws, something that also got him a lot of flack. He also criticized Donald Trump in 2016 on top of coming out in favor of same-sex marriage, all of which that has been questioned and exposed of Mr. McCain, oops, we mean Crenshaw.

It is very apparent Mr. Crenshaw has nothing but an ‘Israel First’ policy, constantly making linear conclusions between conservatism and support for Israel. Making his own opinion that if you don’t support Israel, you don’t support America. A very sick and warped view of America Politics in general, some would say traitorous. Dan Crenshaw represents the worse the establishment can offer so far, he must be unseated, exposed, and further more shammed from the conservative movement, along with all the other conservative grifters and Conservative Inc. types.

Dan on Red Flag Gun Laws:

Dan’s Facebook Post from 2016 denouncing Trump’s “hateful rhetoric”:

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Conservative Inc. Coordinates Attack on Nick Fuentes and Michelle Malkin for being America First Patriots



Since the ‘Groyper War’ Phase 1 was a decisive victory following the November 14th ‘Change my Mind’ rip-off Charlie Kirk attempted to pull off, this late weekend we’ve seen a new onslaught of attacks from many mainstream Republican pundits, attacking Nick Fuentes and Michelle Malkin for their American First allegiance. Conservative Inc. is scared of the true conservatives exposing them and their big donor’s motives & hypocrisy. Even YAF (Young Americans Foundation) who even recently hosted Michelle Malkin, disavowed “holocaust deniers, white nationalists, street brawlers, or racists”. A slew of other clips and comments were made by Guy Benson, Michael Knowles, Stephen Miller, Bradon Tatum,Jordan Schachtel, & Matt Walsh.

Twitter threads about Fuentes and Malkin

Tweets Supporting Fuentes and Malkin

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