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Foreign Politicians Demand Obama Forfeit Nobel Peace Prize After Hezbollah Report



(Via The Daily Caller)

A damning report released Sunday by Politico chronicles how the Obama administration undid years of investigations into the terrorist organization Hezbollah in order to appease Iran and pave the way for the Iran deal.

The report alleges that the Obama administration let terrorists walk free and halted law enforcement efforts against Hezbollah to help cement the former president’s foreign policy achievement.

According to the report, the Obama administration’s backing off on the terrorist organization directly contributed to its growth and enrichment through money laundering and drug trade. It also made Hezbollah much more powerful and dangerous in the region.

Politicians in Israel, a country directly affected by Hezbollah’s terror, have lashed out at Barack Obama over the report. Some have even called for him to return his Nobel Peace Prize. Here are some statements from prominent Israeli politicians, according to the Jerusalem Post:

“Obama must return his Nobel Peace Prize. Israel warned repeatedly that there can be no connection between the nuclear deal and anti-terror activity, certainly against Hezbollah…We also warned of this specifically, because of the proven link between Hezbollah and Iran.” — Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid “Up until the Obama Administration, every American President fought terrorism uncompromisingly…I am convinced that the Trump Administration will not turn from that tradition and the outrageous and mistaken policy that was revealed this week will not be repeated.” — Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi “It was clear that the government was willing to do anything to reach an agreement, including ignoring Iranian terror that took the lives of hundreds of Americans and Israelis and hundreds of thousands of Syrians. This exposée and others that may be published in the future must strengthen our resolve…[to] change this dangerous agreement.” — Former Israeli ambassador to the US Michael Oren “Does anyone still doubt why Obama was bad for Israel and how Trump is better for us?” — Communications Minister Ayoob Kara

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McCabe Supposedly Authorized Investigation Into Sessions



(Via ABC News)

Nearly a year before Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired senior FBI official Andrew McCabe for what Sessions called a “lack of candor,” McCabe oversaw a federal criminal investigation into whether Sessions lacked candor when testifying before Congress about contacts with Russian operatives, sources familiar with the matter told ABC News.

Democratic lawmakers have repeatedly accused Sessions of misleading them in congressional testimony and called on federal authorities to investigate, but McCabe’s previously-unreported decision to actually put the attorney general in the crosshairs of an FBI probe was an exceptional move.

One source told ABC News that Sessions was not aware of the investigation when he decided to fire McCabe last Friday less than 48 hours before McCabe, a former FBI deputy director, was due to retire from government and obtain a full pension, but an attorney representing Sessions declined to confirm that.

Last year, several top Republican and Democratic lawmakers were informed of the probe during a closed-door briefing with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and McCabe, ABC News was told.

In his own words: McCabe claims firing part of ‘ongoing assault’ on Russia probe
DOJ gives special counsel internal docs on proposed Sessions resignation, source says
By then, Sessions had recused himself from the FBI’s probe of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election, giving Rosenstein oversight of the growing effort.

Within weeks, Rosenstein appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to take over the investigation and related inquiries, including the Sessions matter.

Two months ago, Sessions was interviewed by Mueller’s team, and the federal inquiry related to his candor during his confirmation process has since been shuttered, according to a lawyer representing Sessions.

“The Special Counsel’s office has informed me that after interviewing the attorney general and conducting additional investigation, the attorney general is not under investigation for false statements or perjury in his confirmation hearing testimony and related written submissions to Congress,” attorney Chuck Cooper told ABC News on Wednesday.

Full Article Here

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Refugee Admissions Cut 77% Under Trump From Obama



(Via Washington Examiner)

The Trump administration, which has proposed a massive 60 percent reduction in refugee admissions from the Obama-era high of 110,000, is expected to cut that number even deeper. according to preliminary estimates.

Experts evaluating the administration’s latest refugee totals now predict a slash of over 77 percent, to 25,000 refugees a year.

“The national quota was lowered drastically by the Trump administration from 2018. His quota is, like, 45,000. Likely by the end of the year the number will be substantially less than even that,” according to Don Barnett, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies and widely published on refugee resettlement and asylum issues.

At a Tuesday conference, he added that Trump could “zero out” refugees, because it is up to the president to set levels.

Based on current refugee statistics, he said that the administration will likely allow in far less than the proposed ceiling of 45,000. “I personally think it will come in at half that. I think it will come in at 25,000 or so,” said Barnett. “It’s not going to come anywhere near 45,000,” he added.

Obama averaged 75,000 refugee admissions every year, he said.

Refugees have become controversial around the nation as more have poured in. State and local communities have balked at the costs, about $3,000 each, and the right they have to welfare and medical help.

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Social Justice Warrior Company tanks to 5 year low



Market Watch released the following article about a Company known for sugary cartoon cereals.

Shares of General Mills Inc. GIS, -9.60% plunged 9.6% toward a 5-year low in morning trade Wednesday, enough to pace the S&P 500’s SPX, +0.24% decliners, after the consumer foods company reported a fiscal third-quarter profit that beat expectations but slashed its outlook.

The stock hit an intraday low of $44.79, the lowest level seen since Feb. 19, 2013. A close at current levels would mark the biggest one-day percentage decline since it shed 11.2% on March 18, 2009, also following fiscal third-quarter results. The stock has now plummeted 24.5% over the past 12 months, while the SPDR Consumer Staples Select Sector ETF XLP, -0.93% has lost 5.4% and the S&P 500 has climbed 15.9%.

Full Article Here  

Officially they blame the loss on the “cost of freight”..

Some people believe the decline may be an economic indicator of the unpopularity of the companies Marxist Community Organizing and Virtue Signaling and past attempts to dominate consumers.

Protests of the General Mills Community Organizing for marxism thru Sugary cartoon cereal goes back to at least 2012:


Angered by General Mills decision to come out against a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, Minnesota for Marriage urged people to “dump” the Golden Valley company’s products. 

“General Mills cares more about profits than it does about kids. They should stay out of the amendment business, and stick to the cereal business,” said one supporter.

Chuck Darrell, campaign director for Minnesota for Marriage says he’s disappointed that General Mills spends billions on marketing to families only to turn around and support a cause that is so destructive to families.


Here in their own report on “Global Responsibility” ,  they claim:

Goal:  Protect the resources upon which our business depends.

We do this by promoting environmentally and socially responsible practices across our value chain.

They are also a big proponent of Global Climate change in the weather. Is that their “Value Chain”?


Back in 2014 General Mills was involved in a public case of forced Arbitration.

“What General Mills is really doing is testing the extent to which they can impose these adhesion contracts on unaware customers,” said Reuben Guttman, a board member at the American Constitution Society and a partner at Grant & Eisenhofer. “The average person doesn’t retain counsel to buy cereal.”


May 27, 2014 / — Food manufacturing giant General Mills adopted very aggressive measures in getting consumers to adopt a forced arbitration clause and found it bit off more than it could chew last month, according to an article on Public Justice. The company makes Cheerios, Wheaties and Betty Crocker products, among many others.

The language initially adopted by General Mills stated that when a consumer interacted with the company in certain ways, such as viewing its website, downloading coupons, subscribing to e-mails and entering contests, he or she gave up their right to participate in any class action lawsuit against the company and, if something went wrong with their products, the consumer could only pursue their legal claims through arbitration.

General Mills’ arbitration clause was unusual in several ways, most importantly in how members of the public supposedly were going to agree to it. Instead of going into effect when a person signed a written agreement or clicked “I agree” to a set of internet terms and conditions, General Mills took the position that a consumer would abandon his or her legal right to a trial or class action status simply by visiting its website.

Thanks in good part to the power of social media, consumers took notice and a shower of negative publicity, including a New York Times article, flowed into General Mills’ corporate cereal bowl like so much sour milk. Those consumers, connecting with friends and family on social media, voiced their opposition to General Mills’ proposed legal language. The negative feedback was so harsh that General Mills backtracked on the issue.


Sometimes you should just stick to making cereal.

Flashback LUCKY number 7 

According to the Star Tribune 2017:

Sales have now dropped for seven straight quarters for the Golden Valley-based company, but it has maintained profits by cutting costs. In the three months ended Feb. 26, General Mills’ operating profit was 1 percent higher than it was in the same period two years ago despite sales that were 13 percent lower.

Executives faced intense questioning from investment analysts about how long that can go on. One asked whether they were considering selling the Pillsbury and Progresso lines, two popular brands that were hit hard in the latest period. The executives said they weren’t.

They stuck to their goal of increasing the company’s profit margin. And they said they can arrest the sales declines with better pricing tactics and new yogurt products. “It’s a matter of our price competitiveness and getting back to levels of innovation on yogurt that we feel can … get us back to growth in that business,” Jeff Harmening, company president, said.

Doesn’t sounds like Freight was their problem…


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