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Trump: power to choose how to drink water is “The People’s”, Dems disagree- EPA impacted



In 2017, the Populist President soaring in public polls,  restored the choice of using plastic water bottles at National Parks to American Citizens.  However, Democrats refuse to recognize that people have their choice of how to drink their water.

The Left has started hashtag activism to take down a nomination for the EPA over it:

NPR reported in 2017 in THIS article, “While we will continue to encourage the use of free water bottle filling stations as appropriate, ultimately it should be up to our visitors to decide how best to keep themselves and their families hydrated during a visit to a national park,” said Acting National Park Service Director Michael T. Reynolds in a statement.

NPR reports that In 2011 the National Park Service put in place a policy to encourage national parks to end the sale of bottled water. The aim was to cut back on plastic litter.

“It was not actually an outright ban — but 23 out of 417 national parks, including Grand Canyon National Park and Zion National Park, implemented restrictions on bottled water sales. The parks encourage visitors to use tap water and refillable bottles instead,” they said.

They wanted people to purchase expensive Water Bottles.

Last summer, The Trump administration reversed this Obama-era policy. Leaving no stone unturned  Obama made many illegal changes to the American system which benefitted his friends such as Environmental Groups.

Trump has restored the choice of how to drink water.

“The National Park Service says the so-called bottled water ban policy in effect removed the healthiest beverage option but still allowed sales of bottles of sweetened drinks. The International Bottled Water Association applauds the decision. “The rescinded policy was seriously flawed,” says Jill Culora, the trade group’s vice president of communications, in a statement.

People who benefit from the Ban are sad. 

It is worth BIG money:

The wealthy Sierra Club, responsible for Community Organizing against our Representative Republic, released the following statement in 2017 on the topic:

“Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s recent decision to remove a ban on plastic water bottles in our National Parks is clearly an industry-oriented move further emphasizing where this administration’s allegiances stand.

“Actions that rollback protections on our National Parks and public lands only move our country backward– putting the importance of local economies, wildlife and communities on the back burner. The reversal is but a symbol for this administration’s larger attacks on environmental safeguards and protection of public lands.

“Our National Parks have and should continue serving as an example of how to treat our natural environment. This action is in clear contradiction to this agency’s mission of protecting the planet.””



MEETS WATER BOTTLE WARS- Or something like that..


The Left’s Water and Oil Wars are heating up:


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California STD Cases Rise 45% In 5 Years



Zerohedge Reports: Sexually transmitted disease (STD) cases have reached record-high numbers in California, the Los Angeles Times reports, as the ‘sharing’ economy goes viral.

In 2017, the number of California residents diagnosed with gonorrhea (over 13,000 cases), chlamydia (over 75,000 cases) or syphilis (over 218,000 cases) hit a consecutive three-year record, according to the California Department of Public Health.

The 300,000+ people diagnosed last year represents a 45-percent increase in STD cases since 2013.

Those most commonly affected by chlamydia and gonorrhea are under 30 years old. As The Sacramento Bee reports, “Rates of chlamydia are highest among young women, while men account for the majority of syphilis and gonorrhea cases.”

“While there are advocates and champions for cancer, nobody is out there saying, ‘I have gonorrhea and these are the best ways to treat it.’ There’s no one out there being a champion for these conditions,” said Klausner.

Full Article

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Terrorism intersects the American Left in Gaza: Red-Green Axis



Monday, as a result of President Donald J. Trump moving the American Embassy to the capital of Isreal, protestors were infiltrating the border of the tiny country trying to disrupt the ceremonies with violent riots and aggressive behavior.

News spread fast of at least 55 killed and 9,000 people injured in the planned uprising.  American Progressive Communists moved fast to enlist the United Nations into investigating the deaths, claiming that Israel does not have the right of self-defense, and must allow murderous thugs to invade their country without consequence because they feel it is cool to support terrorists.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-California) ,Rep.  Betty McCollum (D-Minnesota), Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont),Mark Pocan (D-Wisconsin) led the charge to smite Israel in favor of the terrorists.

According to the Nation, Sanders said, “9,000 is a staggering toll.  Hamas violence does not justify Israel firing on unarmed protesters. The United States must play an aggressive role in bringing Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt and the international community together to address Gaza’s humanitarian crisis and stop this escalating violence.”

Congressional Progressive communist Caucus co-chair Mark Pocan (D-Wisconsin) said,“There are better ways to deal with the tensions in Gaza than bullets.”

Even as it was reported that Hamas was not only being paid to be violent, they were indeed armed and they were storming international boundaries, the left persisted in calling for America and Isreal to submit to the Terrorist’s dominance.

Laura Loomer is a freelance reporter who filmed action on the border as the Embassy ceremony was unwinding.

American leftists lead the chants and lead the Rioters in Gaza:


Watch Protester with fake injuries:

Hamas and Iran:


They promise more violence and death tomorrow and the American left encourages them.


 Study: Civilization Jihad- The Progressive Communist plot and Jihad to erase America 

From the study:  “One of the most insidious aspects of the stealthy, subversive activities the Muslim Brotherhood calls “civilization jihad” is the collaborative partnership with the hard Left that enables it.  We call this partnership the “red-green axis” – the conjoining of the socialist/communist radicals and the Islamic supremacists that has made the latter’s efforts in the West considerably more successful than would otherwise likely be the case.”

American Leftist Players:

American Leftists support Hamas and suicide bombers. 

WATCH why the IDF acted:

The Hamas funded rioters have to travel a long way to get to the border and have threatened to travel to the border again, to protest a sovereign country’s existence. And no doubt the American left will think that is pretty cool again.  It was ever thus.


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Pepe the Frog is like a Mexican-American entrepreneur in the following ways…



Saturday she sat down with Populist Wire to tell her story.  She started with the day she was photographed in Indiana at her first political rally.  It was also the day Jim Acosta from CNN posted her photo on his twitter feed, from the rally hoping to get his followers to jab at her Pepe Doll.

“I think it is silly that some people think Pepe is a dark lord, it is just a silly Meme,” Yvette Muñoz told Populist Wire.



She drove about two hours to get to the rally, and she waited in line with her sister and brother in law, even though her dropping blood sugar and exhaustion they were thrilled to be there.   All self-proclaimed “Mexican-Americans” who are very fond of President Donald J. Trump and his policies toward Mexico.

Together the three of them had attended Trump’s inauguration with Pepe in tow.

There among the mixed crowds of people, they had been questioned about their interest in the frog, since the left considered Pepe the frog a symbol of “White Supremacy”,  there was some confusion because Muñoz is obviously not white.



Pepe is a Meme, so it is hilarious to me that people think he represents racism. A Meme can be anything you want it to be. That is why we love Pepe,”  Muñoz told Populist Wire.

“I was at the Presidential Inauguration in DC with my Brother in Law and sister and we were surrounded by mostly white men at one point, and none of them said anything racist to me.  We laughed, prayed together and sang songs. That is real diversity.  Having a unique experience and mind is diversity and why I love President Trump,” Muñoz said.

No stranger to violence for her support of Trump, she said she has received death threats in the past for speaking out to the Mexican community, who she wants to talk to.  She retreated for a short period, trying to decide if speaking her mind was worth the trouble.

When Acosta posted her photos, she started a Twitter account and decided to speak up again.


Muñoz’s Mother had sent her to live back in Mexico for awhile, to remind her of her ancestral heritage, something she is proud of except for the government corruption she experienced numerous times.

Muñoz is an American citizen first, but does honor her parent’s  Mexican heritage.  She doesn’t see a conflict, which is a burden expected of her by the Left to be conflicted in her allegiance.  She is clear in her patriotism for America.

She supports the Wall, one of the main reasons she supports Trump.

Muñoz believes that she can explain Trump’s greatness if the Mexican community would listen.

Things that are on her mind:


“If I could give one advice to the Hispanic, at the moment it will be to start by dumping Univision – it’s nothing but garbage propaganda keeping our community in fear of the president. Only the bad people are currently being deported,” she told Populist Wire.


“I would tell them about Capitalism.  I lived in Mexico and I know about the corruption that keeps us from school and work.  America is my home.  I will die to protect it.  I know what it is like in a world without Freedom,” she told PopWire.

“President Trump is a savior.  He is the best President we will ever see. and I can not believe that I was lucky enough to go to that rally in Indiana and be a part of what he is doing. I want to tell people that you get what you work for, you can not wait for the government to give you something, ” she said.

She is a businesswoman, who plans to employ other people in the future.


Muñoz told populist Wire that she had wanted to be an entrepreneur since she was a little girl, but people laughed at her.  At one point when she was living in Mexico she was told she could not work, even tho she had all of the paperwork she needed to work.  Schools in Mexico stole her American Birth Certificate documentation and caused her trouble moving back and forth between countries.

“That is why I love America.  Here you can be anything you want to be,” she said. 

So,  what started out as somewhat of a troll, in the ended up to reflect reality. Muñoz and her Pepe doll actually do have a lot in common.

Both free to be what they want to be because they are Americans. 

This month  Muñoz will start her own business, when she is able she will jump in and be a guest contributor for Populist Wire and tell us what is on her mind.  We welcome this energetic, intelligent, witty Trump supporter on board as a citizen journalist.  We look forward to hearing more from her. We won’t even flinch of she wants to post videos of herself dancing with her American Meme doll.

Here at PopWire- We are fighting for Freedom and having fun.


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