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[Videos] “Trump” speaks to VA Women for Trump, hilarity unfolds [Show Photos]



Sunday, Virginia Women for Trump hosted an event at the Trump International Hotel in Washinton DC to honor President Donald J. Trump’s Birthday.  Guests were treated to a special performance by John Di Domenico, profressional impersonator.

“I have been fixing things all over the White House, like North Korea, Isreal, Mexico..,  I am in Washington DT, Washington Donald Trump,” Trump impersonator said.


Di Domenico traveled from Las Vegas and was received by a crowd of over 800 guests who had assembled to see a Fashion show by Andre Soriano.

Di Domenico told Populist Wire,”I really enjoy impersonating President Trump”.

You can find Di Domenico’s contact information HERE  for events.

Populist Wire carried the Fashion show live on our Facebook Page.


Andre Sariano Fashions Maga Women For Trump

Posted by Kari Baxter Donovan on Sunday, June 24, 2018

Make America Great Again

Posted by Kari Baxter Donovan on Sunday, June 24, 2018



“God Bess President Trump”

Diamond and Silk, Vloggers.  Jack Posobiec of OAN News. Rabia Kazan, Middle East Activist for Peace. Ryan Fournier Students for Trump. (Not Pictured: Corey Stewart, VA Candidate for Congress.  Anthony Sabato Jr, Candidate for Congress, CA. And others.)

KEEP AMERICA GREAT 2020 has begun.

The show was also a tribute by two iimmigrants to America, who both support Trump.  Alice Butler Short, the founder of Women for Trump is from Ireland originally and Andre Soriano, the designer is from the Philipeans.

Soriano says his admiration for the President started when he recognized the love and compassion that Trump had for America, his new home.  Soriano told Populist Wire that he deeply loves America for the freedom he has been given here and the love he has received from other Americans.

Butler told Populist Wire that she deeply admires what President Trump has done for her new home country.

Their activism and designs are a tribute to unity.

The event ended with Lee Greenwood’s song, Proud to Be an American, and this crowd was full of unity for the support of President Trump.


PROUD TO BE… Two Immigrants to America put on a Fashion show and Birthday Party for President Trump, 852 people…

Posted by Kari Baxter Donovan on Monday, June 25, 2018

There is no doubt VA Women for Trump love President Trump [FlashBack]:


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Former Black Panther Helped this Former Hippie Walk Away



Sunday, Kathy Martinez calls herself a “Civil Rights hippie”. She was active with her generation supporting Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Civil Rights movement. Martinez spoke exclusively with Populist Wire about her motivation for posting a video testimony on the Walk Away page and about her feelings for the modern day Democrat Communist movement.

Originally from a Communist country, Kathy says it makes her cry to see what the Democrats have done to the Civil Rights dreams of those past fighters.

“We wanted everyone to be equal. The Democrats have everyone in boxes with identity politics. It is horrible,” said Martinez.

“That is not anything close to what we marched for,” Martinez said.

“The Democrats do not understand what they are tearing apart over here. They don’t understand that America is the last free beacon of hope in the world. Where will people like my family run to escape real persecution,” she said.


Deplorable Deb encouraged me to speak and use my voice, Mason Weaver was the first to open my eyes, and Walk Away Campaign gave me the platform to pull it all together,” she told Populist Wire. Deplorable Deb is a popular Vlogger on social media.

Mason Weaver is a popular public speaker and frequent guest on Fox News.

Enter another activist: @1Citizenpundit has been active in spreading the message of the Walk Away Campaign on all of her platforms. She discovered the founder of the video testimonial campaign while doing research for her radio program in New York. She “sounded the bell” and told others.

“I just knew this idea of using videos was going to be awesome,” Maria Albanese, @1CitizenPundit, told Populist Wire.

Populist Wire was then instrumental in promoting the Walk Away Campaign movement and video testimony platform early, when alerted by @1CitizenPundit. Albanese was the first Conservative to reach out to the founder of WalkAway Campaign, according to his introduction of her on her own Walk Away video testimony.

“This is truly a grassroots movement of many people”, Mason Weaver told Populist Wire in an exclusive interview when contacted about his influence on the Walk Away Movement.

Read Populist Wire here and here.

“Although the video campaign was helpful, it was Mr. Weaver who really opened my eyes and got me to walk away from the Democrats,” Martinez said. “I respect that man so much,” she said.

“He may be talking mostly to black Americans but he inspired me. I send people Mason Weaver videos and recite what he says to other people. I am a huge fan of his work. He and I understand things these young people don’t about the realities of Communism,” Martinez told Populist Wire.


“I am glad to help. I am happy my past work and books on leaving the plantation is inspiring others. We want to rescue others. It is like we are in 1987 shouting near the Berlin Wall.. shouting at Gorbachev… tear down this wall that separates us,” Weaver told Populist Wire.

Weaver is a civil rights icon, a public speaker for 35 years, and author of books on Amazon on the topic of walking away from the Democrats.

“Just walk away,” Weaver says.


“Stay Right or Be Left”, says Weaver.


My “Walk away moment” began when I started THINKING. YOU CANNOT THINK AND STAY LIBERAL. Mason WeaverNOTE: Some people cannot bear the sound. Sorry about that. Try it on YouTube.

Posted by Mason Weaver on Monday, July 2, 2018

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More Gun Control Is Not The Answer




As an American college student I am a member of the most diverse and technologically advanced generation in the history of the world, and that is pretty cool. As a conservative millennial I feel my voice is often not heard.

I believe screaming for more “gun control” is not the answer. I want politicians on both sides of the aisle to stand up and admit the government failed on all levels during the Parkland shooting.

I am thankful U.S. Rep. Rod Blum had the strength to admit the federal and local governments failed. There was no oversight, and that needs to be addressed. I understand the need and want to feel safe at my school, but the cyclical narrative of disarming innocent civilians is not the answer. It is not only unconstitutional, but it won’t solve the problem. Bad guys who want to do harm will find a way to make it happen. It is intellectually dishonest to attack the weapon and not the criminal.

I have made the conscious decision to not walk out of school to make my voice heard, but to walk up to students who are having a hard time and be a positive impact.

It is time we enforce laws already on the books and increase public safety by updating state compliance when it comes to background checks.

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Place Term Limits On Legislative Branch




The founding fathers did not intend for our elected officials to make careers out of public office. We have term limits for our President and for good reason; we should apply those same principles to the Legislative Branch. There are politicians that have been in office longer than Ive been alive.

Congressman Rod Blum established the first ever Term Limits Caucus in Congress and the support from other members to bring a vote to the floor to term limit themselves is disgracefully unpopular. If members aren’t willing to stand up next to Congressman Blum and put an end to Congressional jobs for life, we ought to vote them out.

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