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Trump tells China to let Christians have their Bibles



Tuesday, the US Department of State issued a statement about President Donald J. Trump’s call to the leaders of China to respect the Religious choices of the people of China, and to uphold their international obligations.

On May 12,  a group of Christians gathered to memorialize the massive destructive toll upon the people of China in a 2008 Earthquake that devastated the region.

From THIS BBC article,  “The impact of the Sichuan quake was not only felt through the death toll and significant economic loss but also in terms of the sheer number of people affected.

Nothing could have prepared the people of Sichuan and the neighbouring provinces for the onset of over two minutes of shaking.”

Poor infrastructure

“The mud-brick houses, and even reinforced concrete buildings near the fault-break, stood no chance and were damaged immediately, many also collapsing.

Schools were unfortunately also not built to withstand such an earthquake, with many collapsed classrooms contributing to the deaths of thousands of children.

The scenes of death and destruction, as well as the massive recovery effort, needed prompted, for the first time in recent history, a request by China for international assistance,” according to the BBC.



87,150 people were killed or missing.

4,800,000 people left homesless

10,000,000 needed shelter after the quake


On the 10th anniversary of China’s earthquake, Police detained an outspoken pastor and blocked a planned service to mourn the destruction and human toil left when whole towns and villagers were crushed.

Reports from locals say that Chinese officials have worked for years to shut down investigations and complaints about the shoddy infrastructure in the areas hit hardest.

A Protestant Pastor named Wang Yi was detained for leading the anniversary memorial ceremony.





05/15/2018 09:49 AM EDT

Press Statement

Heather Nauert
Department Spokesperson
Washington, DC
May 15, 2018

We are deeply concerned by the Chinese government’s reported harassment of the Early Rain Covenant Church, in Chengdu, Sichuan Province after they planned to hold a memorial service on May 12, for the victims of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. The United States government joins the people of China in mourning the loss of tens of thousands of lives in the tragedy, and notes the value of memorializing their lives and calling for full accountability to prevent or mitigate future disasters. Regarding reports that Chinese authorities confiscated bibles, we call on China to uphold its international commitments to promote respect for religious freedom for all persons

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On his way out the door the Pope decries Christianity



Tuesday, The New York Post reported that the Pope had made comments signaling he was thinking about his retirement in a message to his followers.

“Pope Francis says he has thought about when it might be time to “take leave” of his flock. Francis made the comment during his morning homily Tuesday; the Vatican didn’t release the full text.

Francis was reflecting on St. Paul discerning when to leave his flock in the care of others, a decision Francis said all bishops must make.

He said: “When I read this, I think about myself, because I’m a bishop and I’ll have to take my leave,” wrote the New York Post.


But before he goes… one last swipe at Christians.  A  leader in Gaza uses the Popes words to condemn Christians as a stab over the existence of the Country of Isreal.

The Pope has been vocal in condemning Isreal for protecting their men, women and children from  Islamic extremist’s violent attacks earlier this week at the dedication of the American Embassy in Jerusalem.

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Michigan Candidate for Gov. Colbeck attacked for concerns about Muslim Brotherhood



April 26- Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck, Republican, and Gubernatorial candidate spoke on the Senate floor about the decades-long plans of Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate and dominate American institutions.

He pointed to an American lawsuit, America Vrs. Holyland,  and it’s investigations as a framework to highlight his concerns and plans for Michigan.

Colbeck talked about  “Civilization  Jihad”, from that case to alert Michigan citizens to his concerns,  and is also a platform for why he is running for Governor of Michigan.

The Media has attacked him for his concerns. His Democrat opponent goes to the Senate floor in response and behaves badly. In response to his concerns for America, he says the local media attacks him and calls him names.

“Call me whatever names you want, that is a small price to pay in the name of freedom,” Colbeck said.


According to this  article from,

“The indictment of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) in November 2001 was the culmination of a 15 year FBI investigation with several major events covered by the FBI to include the 1993 meeting of Hamas leaders in Philadelphia and the 2004 FBI raid in Annandale, Virginia uncovering the MB archives in the United States.

This massive investigation produced a mountain of evidence revealing there is an “Islamic Movement” in the United States, primarily led by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, and that all of the prominent Islamic organizations are a part of this Movement.

The stated objective of this Movement is to wage “Civilization Jihad” to overthrow the U.S. government and replace it with an Islamic State ruled by sharia (Islamic Law).

This is the same objective as ISIS and Al Qaeda.

In fact, the Holy Land Foundation and its leaders were convicted and sentenced to lengthy jail terms for sending millions of dollars overseas to the designated terrorist group Hamas,” John Guandolo said.


Populist Wire carried the  story Robert Mueller’s and Eric Holder’s  as well as Judicial Watch’s ties to the same case HERE ,

“Judicial Watch exclusively obtained droves of records back in 2013 documenting how, under Mueller’s leadership, the FBI purged all anti-terrorism training material deemed “offensive” to Muslims after secret meetings between Islamic organizations and the FBI chief.”

Populist Wire also carried the story of Guandolo’s activism for,  highlighting the same Holyland case and what he calls the “Red-Green” axis, (when Marxists meet Jihadis),  for American politicians and legislators to understand.  Read More HERE. 


Where is the Republican Party in Michigan?

Guandolo worte, “This is a historical moment for Michigan and the nation. Will the citizens of Michigan surrender to the Marxists, jihadis, and establishment Republicans or elect a man to office who will go to battle and crush the enemy in this war?

Will Americans stand with Patrick Colbeck or leave him hanging as the Michigan GOP is doing?”



“So the real question is why such a backlash?  Why is it appropriate to attack someone who is pointing out that a candidate to be the next Governor of Michigan has ties to an organization that seeks to eliminate and destroy Western Civilization from within?  Well, there are really only two explanations – willful ignorance or deliberate deception.  Media outlets which continue to propagate all of the derogatory remarks directed towards me are guilty of one or the other.

It is now time to hold those who are making these derogatory remarks accountable.  Why are they protecting the Muslim Brotherhood?”


Colbeck Responds to Media Coverage on Muslim Brotherhood Comments

Democrat has hurt feelings.

Shocking video! Colbeck’s opponent is unable to work in the American system: Watch.   Democrat opponent can’t keep his feelings in check and is censured. David Knezek calls Colbeck names over and over. Is visibly shaken and overly emotional.

Knezek attacks and virtue signals with a shaking voice, he calls Colbeck names and is asked numerous times to stop and can not control himself.



Democrats and the Media attack Colbeck’s American First Message:

It seems that the Fake News circuits are twisting reality as it relates to the comments made about the Muslim…

Posted by Mark Gurley on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Populist Wire did reach out to Sarah Anderson with the Michigan GOP and Patrick Colbeck and ask for a statement.  We will update if we recieve one.


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“I Believe That This Ideology Is Dangerous For All Mankind” | Somalian Refugee Turned Activist



In some pretty brazen comments Mona Walter, Muslim turned Christian-Activist, she describes her opinion on how Islam is “Dangerous For All Mankind” while simultaneously telling of how the ‘PC Culture’ is more or less masking any criticism of the Religion is “racism”.

Zerohedge: “If I speak about Islam, they interpret it as hating Muslims. But I do not hate Muslims. I believe that this ideology is dangerous for all mankind. The Muslim community will also suffer under the Sharia.” — Mona Walter, Swedish activist from Mogadishu, Somalia.

“Jesus said we should love our enemies, but not that we should be stupid.” — Mona Walter.

“I always say to my Christian friends, ‘What do you think, what will happen to you if Islam becomes dominant here?'” — Mona Walter.

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