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Terrorist Killed By Cops In Pennsylvania Was In US On Family Visa From Egypt As Homeland Security Agree Chain Migration Is A Terror Risk



(Via Daily Mail)
A shooting spree on cops in Pennsylvania has been deemed a ‘terror attack’ as authorities revealed the gunman had entered the U.S. on a ‘family-based immigrant visa’.

The Department of Homeland Security said on Saturday that chain migration is a terror risk and is responsible for letting two terrorism suspects into the US.

Acting Press Secretary Tyler Houlton released a statement on Twitter saying the DHS ‘can confirm the suspect involved in a terror attack in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and another suspect arrested on terror-related money laundering charges were both beneficiaries of extended family chain migration.’

Chain migration is the process by which an immigrant gains legal entry into the US via sponsorship by a family member who is already a legal resident or citizen.

The Trump administration has launched a campaign against the process in favor of a more merit-based structure, favoring education and job potential as factors.

Houlton’s statement first referred to 51-year-old Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty, who was a naturalized US citizen admitted from Egypt on a family-based visa.

El-Mofty went on a shooting spree on Friday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and was reportedly targeting police officers. Authorities say, El-Mofty fired at a Capitol police officer and later at a state trooper, wounding her. El-Mofty then attacked other officers with two handguns and was killed.

‘He fired several shots at a Capitol police officer and at a Pennsylvania state police trooper in marked vehicles,’ Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico said. The state trooper was injured but is ‘doing well,’ he said.

The statement also mentioned 27-year-old Zoobia Shahnaz, who is a naturalized US citizen who entered the country from Pakistan, also on a family-based visa.

Shahnaz was indicted on December 14 after she allegedly laundered more than $85,000 through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies overseas to the Islamic State.

Acquiring the money through fraudulently obtained credit cards as well as a bank loan, Shahnaz laundered the funds to people in Pakistan, China and Turkey and ‘planned to travel to Syria and join ISIS’, federal officials said.

She was stopped at Kennedy Airport in July while attempting to fly to Pakistan. Shahnaz’s lawyer has said she was trying to help Syrian refugees.

Shahnaz was charged in federal court with bank fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering and three counts of money laundering, according to the US Attorney’s Office.

In the DHS statement Saturday, Houlton said: ‘These incidents highlight the Trump administration’s concerns with extended chain migration.’

The president has said chain migration and the diversity visa lottery program have been exploited by extremists.

‘Both chain migration and the diversity visa lottery program have been exploited by terrorists to attack our country,’ Houlton said.

‘Not only are the programs less effective at driving economic growth than merit-based immigration systems used by nearly all other countries, the programs make it more difficult to keep dangerous people out of the United States and to protect the safety of every American.’

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SJWs Attack Woman Who Made Native American Feather Art Online



Lauren Jean Welding LLC Facebook page had posted a new artistic addition to her roster of impressive work. Unfortunately, completely lacking all logic and frankly mad that someone who have such a hobby that doesn’t include ruining your life or succumbing to our poison pill American culture, the wild pack of SJWs closed in on their target, a woman in Montana who enjoys making Welding Art.

They decided to take their anger out on someone who created a piece of art, giving her bad reviews (currently sitting at 1.2 Stars) & commenting obvious and recycled leftist gibberish.

It’s important to note that a woman, Elizabeth Warren specifically, ran a whole Presidential Election without one word from these people. Her entire career was uplifted and guided by the fact she had applied and then apologized for literally lying about being a Native American. The lack of irony is not without mentioning many of these people would never dare question one of their own.

Go support her page and her collection of art from the masses of future cat ladies and men who share their girlfriends!

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Bill Maher Defends Kavanaugh



(via Zerohedge)

On his show Friday night, Bill Maher and his panel got into a heated debate over the “new” allegations about Brett Kavanaugh – yes, the ones even his accuser can’t remember. Maher even turned on his liberal comrades, adopting the position that rehashing events from when Kavanaugh was 17 years old hurt the Democrats in 2018… and could hurt them again.

Citing polling from 2018, Maher said that Democrats could have done better in the midterm elections had it not been for the Kavanaugh hearings: “People did not like going after a guy for what he did in high school. It looked bad and now Democrats are talking about impeaching him again?” Maher said.

Guest Andrew Sullivan seemed to agree. “He probably did some shitty things in high school drunk,” he said.

And when liberal guest Heather McGhee tried to jump in, asking “May the woman please speak about what this felt like?”, Sullivan shot her down immediately: “Please don’t play that card. You’re making my point.”

When Kavanaugh’s temperament was brought up, Sullivan responded: “You try maintaining a good temperament when you’re being accused of something, you had no idea it was coming at you, came at the last minute, and that happened years and years and years ago.”

As McGhee tried to make the point that being a Supreme Court justice isn’t just a “normal job”, Maher immediately fired back: “So you’re saying at 17 you have to have your fully formed character?”

He continued: “Live in reality, man! That’s who they put up. We don’t have the votes, and now we lost seats! Are we gonna do it again? Ruth Bader Ginsburg said glowing things about him… What were you like at 17?”

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Social Media is the Biggest Threat to America… It’s Time to Break Them Up



After the another mass ban by Facebook and Instagram of Alex Jones, Milo, Laura Loomer, and Paul Joseph Watson, it is evermore clear and a massive warning to all conservatives that they are not welcome on social media platforms. Something that should also be considered illegal considering their ‘public square’ standing and non-publisher status, which saves them from sued for libel but [should] curtail their ability to promote, dissuade, or ban content based on their choice.

Facebook went as far to even say they’ll ban anyone or organization that shares content from Alex Jones, Infowars, or any of the banned people mentioned, maybe even more.

Facebook is also conducting election-meddling.  Gang Emperor Yang, a meme page for Democratic candidate Andrew Yang, was removed less than a month ago.

President Trump has yet to act on this, ironically without social media Donald Trump would never be President. Considering the Media, Entertainment, and Political monopolies are aligned against him it seems maddening that President Trump hasn’t done one thing besides offer the suggestion to “be good” online.

Despite the fact that it’s hard to find to find any popular conservative right besides Ben Shapiro on the internet. When 2020 roles around it’s going to for Donald Trump’s old coalition to remain strong when his followers, his greatest allies in media, and people who helped get elected directly are being de-platformed, silenced, and banned off of social media.

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