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Trust In News Hitting Lows During Trump Presidency



(Via AP News)

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — When truck driver Chris Gromek wants to know what’s really going on in Washington, he scans the internet and satellite radio. He no longer flips TV channels because networks such as Fox News and MSNBC deliver conflicting accounts tainted by politics, he says.

“Where is the truth?” asks the 47-year-old North Carolina resident.

Answering that question accurately is a cornerstone of any functioning democracy, according to none other than Thomas Jefferson. But a year into Donald Trump’s fact-bending, media-bashing presidency, Americans are increasingly confused about who can be trusted to tell them reliably what their government and their commander in chief are doing.

Interviews across the polarized country as well as polling from Trump’s first year suggest people seek out various outlets of information, including Trump’s Twitter account, and trust none in particular.

Many say that practice is a new, Trump-era phenomenon in their lives as the president and the media he denigrates as “fake news” fight to be seen as the more credible source.

“It has made me take every story with a large grain, a block of salt,” said Lori Viars, a Christian conservative activist in Lebanon, Ohio, who gets her news from Fox and CNN. “Not just from liberal sources. I’ve seen conservative ‘fake news.’”

Democrat Kathy Tibbits of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, reads lots of news sources as she tries to assess the accuracy of what Trump is reported to have said.

“I kind of think the whole frontier has changed,” said the 60-year-old lawyer and artist. “My degree is in political science, and they never gave us a class on such fiasco politics.”

Though Trump’s habit of warping facts has had an impact, it’s not just him.

Widely shared falsehoods have snagged the attention of world leaders such as Pope Francis and former President Barack Obama. Last year, false conspiracy theories led a North Carolina man to bring a gun into a pizza parlor in the nation’s capital, convinced that the restaurant was concealing a child prostitution ring. Just last week, after the publication of an unflattering book about Trump’s presidency, a tweet claiming that he is addicted to a TV show about gorillas went viral and prompted its apparent author to clarify that it was a joke.

Trump has done his part to blur the lines between real and not.

During the campaign, he made a practice of singling out for ridicule reporters covering his raucous rallies. As president, he regularly complains about his news coverage and has attacked news outlets and journalists as “failing” and “fake news.” He’s repeatedly called reporters “the enemy of the people” and recently renewed calls to make it easier to sue for defamation.

About 2 in 3 American adults say fabricated news stories cause a great deal of confusion about the basic facts of current affairs, according to a Pew Research Center report last month. The survey found that Republicans and Democrats are about equally likely to say that “fake news” leaves Americans deeply confused about current events. Despite the concern, more than 8 in 10 feel very or somewhat confident that they can recognize news that is fabricated, the survey found.

Victoria Steel, 50, of Cheyenne, Wyoming, said it’s important for people to invest time in finding reputable media sources or even friends to get the most information they can.

“You’re probably not going to get enough information out of sound bites, and you’re certainly not going to get it in a tweet,” said Steel, who says she voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Two-thirds of Americans get at least some of their news from social media, Pew found.

“I think part of the problem is that now people are getting too much information and it confuses them and they don’t know how to decipher the true and the fake,” said Trent Lott, a former Senate Republican leader from Mississippi who’s worked in Washington for nearly half a century. He isn’t fond of Trump’s Twitter habit, but also says he sees bias in the coverage of Washington by the mainstream media.

There’s been no love for the media for decades. The percentage expressing a great deal of confidence in the press has eroded from a high of 28 percent in 1976 to just 8 percent in 2016, according the General Social Survey conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago.

“Trump didn’t invent this. He didn’t cause people to start feeling this way. He’s tapping into a vein that already existed,” said Gary Abernathy, publisher and editor of the Times-Gazette of Hillsboro, Ohio, one of the few daily papers that endorsed Trump. People, he added, “are nodding their heads right away because that’s how they’ve felt.”

Nicco Mele, director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard, views Trump as a symptom of long-term trends. “Now, can he accelerate them and make them worse? Almost certainly.”

When Trump labels something “fake news,” ″I just have started assuming … whatever he’s talking about must be true,” said 46-year-old Joseph Murray of Mustang, Oklahoma, a registered independent. “I feel like that attitude didn’t start until he took office.”

Trump tends to inflate the significance of what he’s done. He claims his tax cuts are the biggest in history, his accomplishments surpass those of all previous presidents, and his election victory was a “landslide.” None is true.

He still insists there were millions of illegal votes cast in the 2016 election, even though there’s no such evidence.

Even on matters existential, Trump makes things up.

Taunted on Twitter by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Trump responded Jan. 3 that his own nuclear button “is a much bigger and powerful one than his, and my Button works!” There is no such physical button.

Trump often bypasses the vast information-gathering apparatus that reports to him in favor of getting his reality from TV, or sometimes just his gut. That has led him to conclude wrongly that a rare riot in Sweden over a drug crime was instead linked to refugee extremism. He also falsely claimed that Obama tapped his phones at Trump Tower in the campaign.

“I’m a very instinctual person, but my instinct turns out to be right,” he told Time magazine. Besides, “I’m quoting highly respected people from highly respected television networks.”

Kellman reported from Washington. Associated Press writers Dan Sewell in Cincinnati, Claudia Lauer in Dallas, Bob Moen in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Calvin Woodward in Washington contributed to this report.

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Exclusive: Ex-Muslim in North Carolina recorded rise in the Swamp in Raleigh [Video] Soapbox Revolution




Saturday, an embattled Ex-Muslim working legally toward his US Citizenship talked to Populist Wire about his love for America, love for Israel and his Conservative activism in North Carolina.

“I love America with all my heart. It is here that I feel my liberation. Like President Regan said, America is the last Refuge on Earth,” Alex Lux told Populist Wire.

Lux, who spent most of his time in the Middle East in Iraq and Turkey, explained that he and a few friends ware watching and chronicling what he calls the “putrid alliance”; the organizing of Leftist-Democrat groups with Terrorist groups, and the changing demographics in North Carolina thru illegal immigration.

He is a frequent poster on social media about what he sees as the Islamification of the State of North Carolina and he is also watching anti-sematic rise by leftist-Democrat groups.  “I call them the putrid alliance for a reason,” he said.

He has been in contact with the FBI in his area, and reports that there is growing concern in the area over illegal Immigration from radical Islamic places joined together with the establishment of terrorism here in North Carolina.

They are using “cutesy” names he said, such as “Jewish Voice for Peace” which Lux said is an anti-Israel group against the establishment of a Jewish state.  “The left uses these names to deceive the public about their goals,” he told Populist Wire.

What he is concerned about is the terrorism of Sharia Law, and the acceptance of the terrorism here in North Carolina, conditions he fled the Middle East and Massachusetts over.


“We are concerned about the Multi-Million dollar Mosque in Cary, North Carolina, where the Imam called on his God for the death of the Jews, and where their Rep. David Price (D-NC) has said on Mothers Day that his heart is with DACA recipients,” Lux told Populist Wire.

“The Terrorist groups share a deep and profound hatred of the State of Israel, and here in North Carolina the groups share this hatred with Linda Sarsour and the Imam in Texas,” Luz said.  He fears they are also organizing for elections. North Carolina is a target by radical leftists in a Blue Wave to overthrow the Republican legislature.

“Linda Sarsour, as an Arab does not care about black lives, the majority of Arabs call black Americans slaves. Black Americans are called Abd.  She knows that.  She is using them as allies.  She says that she is standing for them because she knows they will stand for her when it is her time.  Her time for what?  I wonder,” said Lux.

Friday, the 18th, ” the Free Palestine groups had an Emergency protest”, in Raleigh North Carolina- “they gathered fast because they have their tentacles in the left,” said Lux.

They gathered with local “Workers Groups and Communist groups from Durham”, who were active at the Teachers Protest, in the Capitol, two days prior, on the 16th.

Attention triangle patriots, If you can come down to Raleigh downtown tomorrow at 5pm, Terror group Hamas supporters…

Posted by Alex Lux on Thursday, May 17, 2018


“At the protest, they placed anti- Isreal flags on the statue of  George Washington.   A lot of the worker parties and communist groups- shouting free Palestine.. in English, are in Arabic saying disgusting words about killing Jews, and about Mohamad’s conquest and slaughter of the Jews,” he told Populist Wire.

Lux told Populist Wire that these Free Palestine groups  sing and say chants about  “the massacre of the banu qurayza”, when Mohammad entered the Jewish city, took their land, enslaved and killed them:


“Hatred for Jews grew out of the culture,” Lux said.  “It was what we had to show we understood as kids,” he said.


“There were about 200 people at the Emergency Protest- I was there in opposition, alone, but not scared.  I have this kind of pleasure that sets adrenaline to my heart when I stand in from terrorist groups with Hamas groups or leftist groups and make a stand for Isreal and America.   I am against Sharia- I know what it is like to not be an American and have rights.  I feel frustration and anger when I see them call for Sharia.  I am not scared because I have stood in their own land and in their own house of worship, and government buildings.  I have almost been killed, had hot fluids thrown on me and suffered a broken arm for my rebellion against Islam.  The fear for them has left me.  I call those the cruel years. I am human-  I do have some fear, now I have a rational fear of Sharia in America,” Lux said.


American Communist groups are glorifying Hamas terrorists and Sharia Law, as photographed here.

Why do we say America is free when we let terrorists talk about forcing Sharia on men, women and children?

“It used to be that US immigration was for people looking for Jobs or fleeing their lives from threats of death, now it is about changing the demographics for votes,” Lux said.

In retaliation to Sharia, and out of love for Israel, Lux attended the “Emergency Protest to Defend Palestine from America,  and he waved the Flag of Israel.


A short summary video of what happened today at the NC capitol building downtown, an Anti-Israel Anti-Jews skit attended by tens of Islamofascists flying the Islamic terror group Hamas flags, supported and accompanied by Far-Left groups as the putrid alliance appears again, the "Communist workers party of Durham and the IWW" the self-hating Anti-Semitic claiming to be Jewish "Jewish voice for peace triangle" and other Sharia fanatics in the triangle, as they love to show their shared and deep hate for Israel and the jews, Imagine if they were from another religion or a race, what would the propaganda machines do..Though I had a lot of fun, danced my a*s off, I said I don't care really, if I will stand alone or with others, under rain or sun, in front of Nazis or Islamofascists, I will always stand for Israel, will always stand for the Jewish people, even if I will be the last one in life, it's just sad that this is happening in here, in NC, in America and despite the obnoxious manure and hate they spewed from their mouth, I stood still respectful and peaceful, I very much believe that if I was alive in 1940s I would stand for Israel in front of Hitler or even Mohammed in 632 AD, as I had this repeated dream of holding an David's star banner and dancing for Israel, shouting Israel lives and surrounded by Islamic terrorists, I simply don't care, and if such thing might happen here, this is America so I say Come and take it baby, Molon labe..Special thanks to the city police the blue line for their service, and this will happen again soon but next time is different, they're being exposed and lots of work about to start..#StandAgainstAntiSemitism #StandAgainstNazism #StandAgainstIslamofascism #StandAgainstTerrorism #StandForIsrael #StandforAmerica and a little reminder to all of these fanatics #IsraelLives #ExMuslimsForIsrael #NC4Israel #AmericansForIstael #עם_ישראל_חי

Posted by Alex Lux on Friday, May 18, 2018



Photos by Alex Lux

Insights from an Ex-Muslim

“I love this country, it is the last refuge of Freedom like Regan said,” Lux told Populist Wire.


The Last Stand on Earth.  We had somewhere to run: “From the Swamp to the Stars”


“He meant that America is the last beacon of hope.  People like me have nowhere else to run. We want to stop running,” Luz said.  “Here I can fight back with words. I am not the aggressor- but flying a terrorist flag is aggression against my freedom.” 


Please share this article to help Alex Luz spread his message that the world needs American Liberty now more than ever.








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Trump to withhold “Federal Family Planning Funds” from people who kill babies, Obama’s legacy dead



Friday, stories about President Donald J. Trump cutting access to taxpayer funds for Planned Parenthood shook the left. The cut could result in over 60 Million dollars of funds being stripped from Planned Parenthood and diverted to Women’s Health Centers.

“Planned Parenthood spends tens of Millions of Dollars on Political activity and performs Abortions. We don’t think taxpayers should be paying for that,” said KellyAnne Elizabeth Conway, Counselor to the President.


Until today, the funds pay for abortions because of Obama’s Pen and Phone. The money they take from us for this program is called “Taxes”.

Department of  Health and Human Services .






Obama says- just give me the money- I am tired of waiting:


Trump undoes Obama- Power back to the People, at the State Level


Trump: “If you perform abortions, you can not get tax money.”

Twitter Reacts


The Left feels that killing the child is better “Family Planning” than not getting pregnant at all.

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Exclusive: Mark Robinson-NRA Justice Warrior, College Professor in Training- Soapbox Revolution



Thursday, speaking about his new NRA ad, his goals for the future, and his hopes for American youth, this man sat down with Populist Wire.

“When I see things that I don’t think are fair, I have to speak out. I want to say something when I know other people don’t have the means to fight back or have limited means to fight back,”  Mark Robinson told Populist Wire.

His unplanned comments at an appearance in front of the Greensboro City Council in meeting in March went viral immediately.

He decided to attend when he heard that youth with the Democrat Community Organizing group “March for Our Lives Greensboro”, would be at the meeting attempting to put pressure on the town council to pass new restrictive gun laws.


“I have heard a lot here about minorities, I want to know when you are going to stand up for the majority.  I want to tell you who the majority is. I am the Majority,” said Mark Robinson. “Law-abiding citizens are the first to be punished. We are going to fight for our rights.”

Watch his  remarks.:

Robinson is from a family of 5 brothers and sisters.  Daily were the discussions between the children growing up about what is “fair”, what is “not fair”.   Fulled by a lifelong sense of justice, he gave a passionate plea to lawmakers to consider the forgotten Americans, the ones who have never broken any laws but are constantly the victims of lawmakers reacting to tragic events by removing Constitutional Rights.

“People who saw the video reacted to a combination of things.  I have received hundreds of messages about my speech. The consistent thing most people say they were impressed with is that I talked about law-abiding citizen as the majority, most say they never really thought of it that way.  The other thing is that people were impressed with the courage I showed, ” Robinson told Populist Wire.


“I am going to college to finish a degree to be a History professor, I want to teach college.  I am currently working at a factory to put myself thru college.  I am a staunch conservative and I would like to be teaching at a very liberal college because kids are missing the other side.  They are going to college one way- and coming out the other,” he said.

“Kids are taught one way by Pastors and Teachers, and then that is wiped away in college, and I see it all of the time on these college campuses,” Robinson said.

Robison is married, has two children and a grandchild.  He is a lifelong citizen of Greensboro, North Carolina.


March for Our Rights

Robinson will be a featured speaker at March For Our Rights in Charlotte, May 19th.

Look for Robinson on Facebook at : I Am The Majority, Mark Robinson, #IamTheMajority

Robinson has been invited to use our platform as a Citizen Journalist and keep us informed of his events.

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