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US Gov Pays $17+ Million to Settle Discrimination Claims



(Via RT)

Newly released documents show Congress has paid out more than $700,000 to settle discrimination complaints against House lawmakers over a decade. Some $268,000 was recompense for sexual harassment and sex discrimination claims.

The payouts are part of $17 million paid out over two decades to settle discrimination claims against members of Congress by the Office of Compliance, a taxpayer fund that handles often secret payouts to Congressional employees. The fund and the office are at the center of a probe by the House Administration Committee.

Documents released on Tuesday show the office has paid out more than $342,000 in settlements from 2008 to 2012, including nearly $175,000 for eight settlements related to sexual harassment and sex discrimination accusations against House members. The office had previously released data to the committee, showing more than $359,000 had been paid out from 2013 to 2017, which included $93,000 for two cases of sexual discrimination and one case of sexual harassment.

None of the names of House lawmakers involved in the settlements were revealed in the data, made public by the House Administration Committee chairman Gregg Harper (R- Mississippi). Harper is also leading a probe into the use of compliance funds.

“As I have stated from the beginning of this review, one case of sexual harassment is one case too many,” said Harper. “We must create a culture within our Capitol Hill community that instills in every employee and employer, new and old, that there is no place for sexual harassment in the halls of Congress.”

Harper had requested a breakdown of the $17 million paid out over the last 20 years in settlements for all cases involving claims of violation of the Congressional Accountability Act.

The Act, signed during the Clinton administration, applied 11 civil rights, safety, labor and public access federal laws to the legislative branch. The law also established the OCC to ensure compliance with the act and provide outreach and education program for legislative branch employees.

The data on settlements over allegations of discrimination by members of Congress coincides with an avalanche of public declarations of sexual harassment and abuse claims that have included several lawmakers.

Among them was Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota), accused by multiple women of sexual assault including groping and forced kissing, and who resigned after pressure from his colleagues and is the focus of an ethics investigation.

Two members of the House of Representatives, Trent Franks (R-Arizona) and John Conyers (D-Michigan) have also stepped down, citing allegations of improper sexual conduct.

A number of Democrats have called on President Donald Trump to resign as well, citing accusations of sexual assault and harassment by more than a dozen women. Trump has denied the allegations.

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SJWs Attack Woman Who Made Native American Feather Art Online



Lauren Jean Welding LLC Facebook page had posted a new artistic addition to her roster of impressive work. Unfortunately, completely lacking all logic and frankly mad that someone who have such a hobby that doesn’t include ruining your life or succumbing to our poison pill American culture, the wild pack of SJWs closed in on their target, a woman in Montana who enjoys making Welding Art.

They decided to take their anger out on someone who created a piece of art, giving her bad reviews (currently sitting at 1.2 Stars) & commenting obvious and recycled leftist gibberish.

It’s important to note that a woman, Elizabeth Warren specifically, ran a whole Presidential Election without one word from these people. Her entire career was uplifted and guided by the fact she had applied and then apologized for literally lying about being a Native American. The lack of irony is not without mentioning many of these people would never dare question one of their own.

Go support her page and her collection of art from the masses of future cat ladies and men who share their girlfriends!

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Bill Maher Defends Kavanaugh



(via Zerohedge)

On his show Friday night, Bill Maher and his panel got into a heated debate over the “new” allegations about Brett Kavanaugh – yes, the ones even his accuser can’t remember. Maher even turned on his liberal comrades, adopting the position that rehashing events from when Kavanaugh was 17 years old hurt the Democrats in 2018… and could hurt them again.

Citing polling from 2018, Maher said that Democrats could have done better in the midterm elections had it not been for the Kavanaugh hearings: “People did not like going after a guy for what he did in high school. It looked bad and now Democrats are talking about impeaching him again?” Maher said.

Guest Andrew Sullivan seemed to agree. “He probably did some shitty things in high school drunk,” he said.

And when liberal guest Heather McGhee tried to jump in, asking “May the woman please speak about what this felt like?”, Sullivan shot her down immediately: “Please don’t play that card. You’re making my point.”

When Kavanaugh’s temperament was brought up, Sullivan responded: “You try maintaining a good temperament when you’re being accused of something, you had no idea it was coming at you, came at the last minute, and that happened years and years and years ago.”

As McGhee tried to make the point that being a Supreme Court justice isn’t just a “normal job”, Maher immediately fired back: “So you’re saying at 17 you have to have your fully formed character?”

He continued: “Live in reality, man! That’s who they put up. We don’t have the votes, and now we lost seats! Are we gonna do it again? Ruth Bader Ginsburg said glowing things about him… What were you like at 17?”

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Social Media is the Biggest Threat to America… It’s Time to Break Them Up



After the another mass ban by Facebook and Instagram of Alex Jones, Milo, Laura Loomer, and Paul Joseph Watson, it is evermore clear and a massive warning to all conservatives that they are not welcome on social media platforms. Something that should also be considered illegal considering their ‘public square’ standing and non-publisher status, which saves them from sued for libel but [should] curtail their ability to promote, dissuade, or ban content based on their choice.

Facebook went as far to even say they’ll ban anyone or organization that shares content from Alex Jones, Infowars, or any of the banned people mentioned, maybe even more.

Facebook is also conducting election-meddling.  Gang Emperor Yang, a meme page for Democratic candidate Andrew Yang, was removed less than a month ago.

President Trump has yet to act on this, ironically without social media Donald Trump would never be President. Considering the Media, Entertainment, and Political monopolies are aligned against him it seems maddening that President Trump hasn’t done one thing besides offer the suggestion to “be good” online.

Despite the fact that it’s hard to find to find any popular conservative right besides Ben Shapiro on the internet. When 2020 roles around it’s going to for Donald Trump’s old coalition to remain strong when his followers, his greatest allies in media, and people who helped get elected directly are being de-platformed, silenced, and banned off of social media.

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