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BLOWBACK? 100,000 Person Force That Helped Defeat ISIS May Turn Against Us



(Via The Daily Wire)

A 100,000-member force with close ties to Iran says that now that they have helped U.S.-led coalition troops fight and defeat ISIS, they may have a new target: American troops.

The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), aka Hashd al-Shaabi, fought on both sides in Iraq but now they want Americans out of the country. Saif Ali, a member of the PMF’s Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba paramilitary, told Fox News, “America should only be here for embassy, any military presence and we will target them. I fought the Americans after 2003, and the British in southern Iraq, and I am happy about that. I don’t hate the American people, only hate the U.S. military, and I have killed many of them.”

Fox News reports, “Ali is one of thousands of PMF members who also took advantage of Iran-supplied weapons and ammunition to take the lives of hundreds of U.S. troops during the insurgency that followed the invasion of Iraq.”

The PMF, a Shiite-created entity, originally was comprised of 40 different militia groups. After they fought against ISIS, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi made them part of the Baghdad government’s security forces in November 2016.

In July 2017, Sayyid al-Shuhada, a member of the Hashd al-Shaabi forces, said a “large number” of troops were killed and wounded in U.S. airstrikes in Anbar province near the Iraq-Syria border. The group released a statement saying, “We will not be silent in the face of this incident.” The Baghdad-based spokesman of the U.S.-led coalition, Army Col. Ryan Dillon, dismissed the allegation.

Mohand al-Eqqaby, the PMF spokesman, said, “Our stand is clear. America was not there at the beginning of this ISIS crisis when we needed them most. We are strong now, and as long as we are fighting, Iraq does not need Americans on our land.”

In addition, the PMF may win seats in Iraq’s parliament, and there is genuine concern that their primary loyalty would be to Iran. Many of their members have joined Syria’s army and Lebanon’s Hezbollah forces which is troubling to some U.S. officials.

In November, CIA chief Mike Pompeo contacted Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassam Soleimani, warning him that troops loyal to Iran might attack American forces. Pompeo stated that the U.S. would hold Iran accountable for “any attacks on American interests.”

James Phillips, senior research fellow for Middle Eastern affairs at the Heritage Foundation, said, “Now that ISIS is not much of a threat, the PMF is likely to plan attacks against U.S. personnel in Iraq that would be carried out as soon as Tehran gives the orders. This is a major concern, given that tensions between Iran and the U.S. are likely to grow in the future.”

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Pop Talk With The People: Featuring Nationalist, Activist Tiina Wiik -Exclusive Finland



Before we talk about riots, Arson and Bomb attacks… a little bit about Finland-

There is a population of about 5.5 Million

Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. Its capital, Helsinki, occupies a peninsula and surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea. Helsinki is home to the 18th-century sea fortress Suomenlinna, the fashionable Design District and diverse museums. The Northern Lights can be seen from the country’s Arctic Lapland province, a vast wilderness with national parks and ski resorts.


According to the BBC, “Finland participates actively in the development of the EU’s migration and asylum policy.Following the refugee crisis 2015, the number of asylum seekers arriving in Europe and Finland has multiplied. As a country upholding the rule of law, Finland took in over 32,000 asylum seekers in 2015. This number is ten times higher than in previous years.

As the numbers of asylum seekers grow, it has become evident that existing EU regulations cannot cope with the pressure created by large numbers of people. Finland is supporting EU efforts to better manage migration and is participating actively in developing common EU migration and asylum policies. Finland is in favour of expanding the reception of quota refugees to additional Member States, as a way of promoting legal migration.

Watch Tiina:

The following is what Tiina Wiik told Populist Wire:


“Hamburg riots showed how the far left keeps radicalizing. In central Europe they’re ahead of the Finnish antifa, but in Finland you can also see the same signs of radicalization.”

When antifa threw bombs at the police, Nordfront demonstrators and journalists who were among them in Tampere last October, the bombs they used were apparently some sort of artillery guidance bombs stolen by someone in the armed forces.

Here their choice of weapon is more often arson.

The worst case was in 2016 in Vantaa, when anarchists burned down a bus storage pit, and the 9 bus drivers who were sleeping there survived by luck alone when one of them woke up and noticed the fire.

In last December they burned two cars of a restaurant owner who let nationalists hold their Independence Day after party in his restaurant.

On the day of the bombing the Nordic Resistance Movement was demonstrating in Tampere against their shutdown by the National Police Board. The Police Board took the NRM to court, saying their organization should be disbanded.

I naturally oppose any restrictions on free speech or the right to organize whether it be for national socialists or communists. Antifa and the youth section of the left-wing party had announced their own counter-demo called “the entire Tampere hates nazis”.

My fiancé – and I went to Livestream there in hopes we’d get both demos on our Livestream. The moment we went to the leftist demo, they recognized us. Some masked guys grabbed me and pulled me away from the demo, calling me a nazi whore and telling me to fuck off, and they broke my boyfriend’s camera stand.

So we just livestreamed the Nordfront demo. When we were leaving the demo area, the cops let people know that they’d be guiding us out because the leftists are out of control. Earlier they threw red smoke bombs at the police and tried to break through the police lines separating the two demos.

When everyone was leaving, some antifascists had managed to get too close to us and started throwing those bombs. The cops just stood there, and the only time I saw them intervene was when there was a physical fight between an antifascist and a Nordfront supporter. Later on the police said they’re investigating the leftist actions as violent rioting, but no charges were filed.

I don’t work through political parties or organizations but cooperate with like-minded people on a wide basis. For example, the nationalist conference “Awakening” I’m organizing is a co-op between the traditionalist online magazine Sarastus and Monokulttuuri FM, which is our Youtube livestreaming team.


We make weekly talk shows about current issues and report from different events, like demonstrations and seminars. The main goal of the broadcasts is to get those facts and opinions out there, that the mainstream media wouldn’t show, and to encourage like-minded people to not be afraid and get loud about their views.

My fiancé is a city councilman here in Oulu and I’m his vice councillor. It’s an uphill battle trying to make a change in politics, but it also provides a good platform for right-wing ideas. It’s more difficult to ignore a politician than it is to ignore a blogger or a Youtuber.

The theme of the conference is creating a nationalist awakening in people – how to get to that mindset that used to be the default way of thinking just a few decades back, and the speakers can choose their topics within that theme. For example Millennial Woes will be talking about the concept of home: what it is in practice and what it should be.

One thing I’d like to add is that Americans should value the free speech they have. We don’t have it over here, and people should understand that once you start making exceptions to what is free, the exceptions will only grow and turn into a political weapon.

This is why I’m also against the libel law changes Trump has demanded even though I’m very much pro-Trump.

Here’s a very practical example. In Finland the law against inciting hatred against minorities was created to make serious things like inciting genocide crimes. But then the interpretation of the law got more flexible by the minute, and the law is used to silence immigration-critical opinions.

My fiancé and I are both under police investigation for hate-incitement against minorities. Some pro-refugee people organized a demo in our home town last April and we thought it was appalling considering that there had been so many terrorist attacks and crimes by migrants.

We decided to mock their demo by going there with signs that parody leftist arguments. Mine said “A truck only hits you for a moment, but the scars of racism last forever”, and my fiancé’s sign said “Learn how to swim”, which was a direct quote from a former finance minister who said “Stop whining about the tidal wave of islam and learn how to swim!”

That landed us both in police interrogation for inciting hatred against migrants. We’re now waiting for the prosecutor’s decision on whether we’ll be charged for those signs. So, what started as a sincere will to prevent inciting genocide turned into witch hunt of people who mock or criticize left-wingers within years. Another councilman of my home town, Sebastian Tynkkynen, was convicted in court for inciting hatred and violating religious peace (blasphemy) for saying prophet Muhammed was a pedophile and saying we should start deporting people who have no reason to stay here, and he was sentenced to fines.


Twitter HERE

Youtube HERE

Blogspot HERE


There is Danger in Finland for being a Nationalist:


What is Next for TIINA

Populist Wire will bring you the events as we get them.


Liberty Patriots uniting Globally, to fight Globalist take over of our countries.

I will never hear this song the same way again.  The Northern Lights. Finland. I understand her love of her country. Joinng them in prayer for their heritage, country, friends and family and safety. God bless Finland.

Thank you Tiina! Let’s chat again soon!

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Sharia in the courts in Feminist Sweeden-Landmark Case. (Less than 500 words)



Solna District Court, in Sweeden, found that the battered woman could not charge her husband with abuse – because she came from a less good family than he.

In addition, the court said that it is not uncommon for women to lie about threats and violence.

“It is directly contradictory to what is in Swedish law,” prosecutor Josefine Dahlqvist said.

“The man stems from a good family, unlike the woman.” With this argument, a Swedish court has acquitted an Iraqi man charged with abusing his wife, sparking outrage over the first instance where “Sharia Law” was applied by the Nordic nation’s legal system,” according to Sputnik News

Full Article Here





Feminists in Sweden want a law for men to pee sitting down:

Prosecutor Josefine Dahlqvist appealed the Sharia court ruling straight away, claiming that the ruling violated the foundations of Sweden’s legal system.

From the article:

“One of the two lay judges who freed the man is Center Party veteran Ebtisam Aldebe, who is known for having advocated special legislation for Sweden’s Muslims (especially in divorce and inheritance rights) in a 2006 interview with Swedish broadcaster SVT. Aldebe ran for parliament in 2014 and is a member of the social committee in Solna. Aldebe also played a key role in rejecting at least three Christian converts asylum during her time as board member in Stockholm’s Administrative Court, according to the Christian newspaper Världen Idag.”

Jihad Watch is concerned that laws preventing free speech are being sneaked into the law, in the name of diversity.

In THIS article, they cite:

“Under the cover of religious freedom, an ever-increasing bondage is sneaking into the country. Applications for the call to prayer, sharia-loving center party members in the judiciary, gender-separated bathing times and child marriages are just a few of the newer features that democratic, secular and equality-enforcing Sweden are forced to tamper with increasingly. Now there is also reason to ask the question whether we are imposing blasphemy laws in the country? The activity group called the Net Hate Examiners seems to focus on chasing and reporting primarily people who criticize or joke about Islam.

These Net Hate Examiners search for “hate & threats” on social media, and they have been prosperous. 600 notifications, of which 77 were prosecuted. I myself have contact with several of these (all elderly) persons called for interrogation and who risk fines or imprisonment if found guilty.”

We can assume we know where they are going with this…


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Stabbing By Palestinian In Jerusalem Old City Leaves Israeli Dead



(Via Yahoo News)

Jerusalem (AFP) – A Palestinian stabbed an Israeli security guard to death in Jerusalem’s Old City on Sunday before being shot dead by a police officer, Israeli officials said.

The stabbing came with concerns over the potential for an upsurge in unrest in the coming weeks as the United States prepares to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

The security guard was taken to hospital in serious condition suffering a stab wound to his torso, medics said.

The hospital later announced he had died from his wounds. Israeli media reported that he was in his 30s, with some reports saying he was off-duty at the time.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld confirmed the assailant had been shot dead.

Israel’s Shin Bet domestic security service identified the assailant as Abdul Rahmani Faddal, 28, and a father of two from Aqraba near Nablus in the north of the occupied West Bank.

The attack comes after a Friday car ramming by a Palestinian near Jenin in the northern West Bank that the army said killed two Israeli soldiers and wounded two others.

Tensions were high after Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas called for a day of rage on Friday to mark 100 days since US President Donald Trump’s controversial recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Palestinians also see the city as their capital and Trump’s recognition broke with decades of US policy that Jerusalem’s status would be negotiated between the parties.

Palestinian leaders have boycotted Trump’s administration over the declaration, though the White House says it still plans to push ahead with its efforts to restart peace talks.

At least 32 Palestinians and four Israelis have been killed since Trump’s announcement, which set off major protests.

The United States is planning to open its new embassy in Jerusalem in May to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Israel’s founding.

Palestinians commemorate May 15 as the Nakba, or “catastrophe,” marking when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians either fled or were expelled in the 1948 war surrounding Israel’s creation.

Read The Full Story Here

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