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Trump brought a stealth bomber to a gun fight at the G7 and John McCain lives to spit at USA



Saturday, President Donald J. Trump was the center of attention at the G7 meeting of world leaders talking about Tariffs.  American Democrats attacked the President for defending American citizens and they mocked economic justice for the forgotten Americans.

“I blame our leaders and I congratulate leaders of other countries for taking advantage of our leaders,” Trump said. “It’s going to stop. Or we’ll stop trading with them. And that’s a very profitable answer if we have to do it.”

Trump said that America’s trading partners would be making a mistake if they retaliated against new U.S. tariffs.

“If they retaliate they’re making a tremendous mistake because you see we have a tremendous trade imbalance,” he said. “The numbers are so much against them, we win that war 1000 times out of a 1000.”

In response, John McCain, who has vacated his Senate responsibilities in  Arizona and has stayed on a taxpayer-funded vacation for months, turned to Twitter to post that he is upset with Trump:

Trump says he has great relationships with the world leaders, “I would say it is a 10, I would rate our relationships a 10, but I don’t agree with them and they know that” Trump said at his News Conference.


Not everyone wants Americans to stay poor and unemployed.  Supporters of Trump felt his Strong stand to defend American citizens was a good thing.


“Fake News CNN, I would say the relations is a 10, we have a great relationship, and I don’t blame them, I blamed out past leaders.  There is no reason for this.  It is the fault of the people who proceeded me, back 50 years.  We used to have no debt. I will blame them if they don’t do what they need to do.  They have no choice.  Our Farmers have been hurt.  We are going to fix this, or we are not going to deal with these countries,” said Trump.



It is the 99th end of America since Trump took office, according to MSNBC

“If they thought they were going to lecture Trump on the glories of free trade, they got a rude awakening. He came to a gun fight armed with a stealth bomber,” one U.S. official told Breitbart News.

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Charles Payne talks about historic unemployment: “We are getting close to full employment”



Friday, talking about exciting new lows in unemployment, the host of Making Money with Charles Payne, said with these new numbers will come new personal freedom for people who may have never worked before.

“We are seeing people get jobs who thought they would never get a job again, ever…get jobs,” said Charles V. Payne, Fox News Host.  “We may not have a permanent underclass after all,” he said.

“People see opportunities, Blacks have entered the job market like never before,” Payne said.  “It is easier to hire people with lower regulations,” said Payne.


“The May nonfarm payroll report was stellar. May nonfarm payrolls increased 223,000, which was above the consensus estimate of 190,000.  This is the highest reading since April 2000, and prior to that, this number was not seen since 1969.   The average monthly gain over the prior twelve months is 191,000; three months is 179,000.  The number of unemployed decreased by 281,000 to 6.07 million and employment rose by 293,000 to 155.47 million.,” wrote Charles V. Payne, of Fox News, in his daily column.

“Overall, the labor markets remain extremely tight and there are shortages for skilled labor.  Wages rose slightly, but there is still more room to grow.  As wages rise, hopefully, more of the U6 people get back to work,” Payne said.



“Return of jobs to the HeartLand,” said Payne.

President Donald J. Trump speaking Friday, on unemployment numbers:

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Nation First Transportation Workforce Project Launches to Save Urban America and Trucking



Inspired by his daughter’s murder on Good Hope Rd. exactly three years ago,  this Conservative activist has dedicated his life’s work to solve his daughter’s murder, by rebuilding the community where she was killed.  He says he hopes to impact the community with skills training and then viable employment in an industry that needs workers; Trucking.

“Our Nation’s Renaissance begins when our Inner-City citizens are not reduced to Government Dependency and employment hopelessness,” said Kenneth McClenton, owner of The Exceptional Conservative Network and Radio Show to Populist Wire.

“A changed heart begins with a wowing of faith, economics, and education.  We believe that Inner-City public safety improves when the Faith Community takes an active role in promoting small business growth, employment creation, and vocational training, ” he said.


And he has partnered with a Trucking Company executive who agrees with him.

McClenton’s group will be helping people who have had previous social, emotional and financial obstacles to employment get prepared to participate in Trump’s push for American workers first.


Mike Heckman is, COO,  from M2 Transportation LLC COO and National Transportation Academy (LLC), and is  partnering with McClenton for Nation First Transportation Workforce Project (NFTWP)

“Ken and I have talked about this project, of bringing his expertise and passion together with my knowledge of the industry, for a year. We knew we were going to make this work.  People are very interested in what we are doing,” Heckman said.

The team hopes to help prepare people in Urban areas with very good, stable jobs, and also help reduce crime overall for the communities where they will be training.


“Where we are headed is this is a private Faith-Based creation of over 300 transportation industry jobs and small businesses in each of America’s Inner Cities, ” said McClenton.

“It is faith-based vocational education training program that will provide students with pre- and post- integrated consumer and social services that will promote stronger families and safer streets in the Inner-City.   At-Risk students will train to become either commercial licensed drivers (CDL)  or obtain posts in management and administration, including commissioned sales managers, dispatchers, secretaries, etc.  Individuals, without a College Degree, may earn from $35,000 to $200,000 annually.

We will work with each family for 18 months through our financial literacy and housing counseling training to make each home buyer ready,” said McClenton.

According to McClenton’s  Nation First Transportation Workforce Project documents,”Crime and poverty dramatically impact a city and its citizenry.  Losses to property and income, although sizeable, never equate to the loss of life–innocent lives, especially–that result from violent crimes.


“Open Heart Close Case (OHCC) was created as a result of such a loss of innocent life. On Wednesday, May 27, 2015, at approximately 9:40 pm, Ms. Charnice Milton was shot and killed in the 2700 block of Good Hope Road, SE.  The 27-year-old Washington, DC journalist was murdered after she was used as a “human shield” while attempting to catch her final bus home after covering an event on Capitol Hill. No arrests have been made,” McClenton said of his daughter, Charnice.


“We are going to start in the Community where Charnice was killed, in DC and build out as much as we can.  It is very important to me that we do not go to the Government for the money.  We want to help people get off of Welfare, so we are going to be asking for funding from private groups and churches, ” McClenton said.

We will Launch this project Wednesday, May 30 at 11 AM.  The Press is invited to cover the launch.




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Economy Roars: 21 Year High Wage Growth



Zerohedge Reports: One month after the Richmond Fed plunged by the most in 25 years, tumbling from 16 to -3 in April, its lowest print since Sept 2016, hope has come flooding back with the index rebounding strongly in May, printing at 16, well above the 10 estimate and at the top end of the forecast range.

The rebound, which some attribute to seasonal adjustments, was due to a surge shipments from -8 to +15, new orders from -9 to 16, backlogs from -4 to 7, cap utilization from -4 to +19 and so on.

Inflationary pressures persisted, with both prices paid and prices received continuing to march higher, similar to what we saw recently in the New York and Philly Fed surveys. Of note, expectations for both prices paid and received slumped from April to May, suggesting that manufacturers are starting to get cold feet on rising input costs and their ability to pass these on to consumers.

And while the rebound in optimism was more muted, with most expectations components rebounding strongly from April lows but still well below March levels, the biggest surprise was the jump in number of employees which rose by 50%, from 12 to 18 in May, but the real shocker was the ongoing surge in wages, which jumped from 22 in March, to 27 in April and 28 in May. This was the highest print in 21 years, or since 1997.

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